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With the life of around 50 years, Orangeburg pipe are made up of tar paper with layers of asphalt. It may sound crazy to use paper pipe for your sewerage system, but Orangeburg pipe is a cheaper and reliable resource. If you are living in an old house in an older locality, then there are maximum chances that you have Orangeburg pipe installed outside the gates of your house. It was very fashionable during World Wars because of their cheap rates and authenticity.

If you have just discovered that you have been using Orangeburg pipe which is now broken, you can do following things.

The traditional method of digging and replacing

If you do not want to spend a lot on plumbing, you can simply call the plumber from your favorite plumbing agency and get the pipe replace. In this Dig and Replace Method, the affected piece of the pipe is replaced by the newer one. Although the technique is really cheaper than the new modern ways of dealing with Orangeburg pipe, it is only applicable with fine shallow pipe lines. What really cost is not the repair and replacement itself; it is the digging, lawn damage and labor that are costly.

Pipe lining Application

Pipe line Application is used to place a lateral pipeline that repair the Orangeburg one. It is a process of inserting a pipe without any sort of digging, floor removing or property damage. Once inserted, it automatically seals joints, holes and cracks by applying epoxy glue at the affected area. Although it is a temporary solution but can still work wonders with your Orangeburg pipe line.

Trenchless Technology

Because of its organic nature, Orangeburg pipe lines are prone to the growth of different plants over it. This is extremely detrimental to the life of your pipe line. The plumbing experts in this technology change your pipelines with affecting any of the area around the line. It is extremely beneficial but highly costly because of the labor and technique involved. The technician usually inserts a new pipe with burst-able cones. These cones, inside the trench, burst and take up the place of the previous pipe.

Replacement with PVC

Sooner or later, you would have to move to PVC. If your Orangeburg pipe has already damaged, then this the best time to safe at least the money you would be spending on the labor. All you have to do then is to buy PVC pipe and get the entire drainage system replaced.

The best way, in fact, is to call the best plumbing service in your areathe best plumbing service in your area to avoid further hassle.

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