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Nobody wants to be concerned about what is going on at home when they’re vacationing; it’s one of the reasons you take a break. If you’re still worrying about plumbing issues like water leaks, frozen pipes, etc., back at home, follow a few essential tips before leaving for a vacation.

When it comes to home plumbing, there are some priorities to consider before leaving home to ensure your plumbing system stays safe while you’re away.

9 Plumbing Priorities Before You Leave For a Vacation

Have a secure plumbing system by following these priorities:

  1. Turn off the Main Water Supply

    Shutting off your home’s main water supply is the easiest way to avoid plumbing issues while you’re on vacation. This will allow your home to prevent major water damage if an unplanned incident occurs.

    However, some plumbing components require continuous water flow to function properly, preventing you from shutting off the main water supply.

    Turn off the water supply of each appliance individually by finding shut-off valves. If the appliance is underground, these valves are located in the basement. Ensure all valves are shut down to prevent water from flowing through the system. It’s easy - all you need to do is find the turn-off button. You can also install shutdown valves if you are away for some days.

    You need to consider various factors when turning off the water in your home. Everything from the dishwasher to the ice maker to the water heater falls into this category. You can keep them switched off while you’re on vacation since none of them will require water.

  2. Check the Water Drains

    It’s important to check your home’s drains before leaving for an extended period. While you are away, food can often build up in your kitchen sink. The food particles can cause the drain to clog or sometimes even overflow in such circumstances.

    Though it’s easy to leave your kitchen sink’s drip for clean-up while you are away, it’s never a good idea. Food particles can develop bacteria that can turn into a mold if it stays there for long, creating unsanitary conditions and foul odors.

  3. Close the Faucets

    Make sure that all faucets in your home are completely closed before leaving for a long vacation. This method effectively prevents minor leaks. Or else these leaks can cause significant water damage, resulting in expensive repairs.

    It’s especially crucial for faucets with separate cold and hot water handles. You need to examine all the faucets closely because shutting down hot water can cause significant problems.

    Checking for water leaks before a vacation is as important as checking the lock before leaving the house. Water can sometimes burst pipes without any notice. It is crucial to check for water leaks as much as possible to avoid unforeseen events, such as burst pipes that can damage your property and home.

  4. Turn Off the Water Heater

    Leaving your water heater on while you are away can be risky for your home since it can cause water damage and other problems. It can also increase energy consumption unnecessarily while you’re not at home.

    In order to avoid wasting money, make sure you turn off the water heater before leaving for vacation. It’s one of the most effective ways to combat this issue. However, ensure the thermostat is neither set too low nor too high to avoid energy waste.

    You can also use water heaters with an integrated vacation mode. Furthermore, make sure you check for any leaks or cracks in your water heater and get them repaired before you leave for your holiday.

  5. Insulate Your Pipes

    Most homeowners don’t pay attention to the pipes in their homes until they cause a problem. If you’re leaving for vacation during the winter season, make sure your pipes are insulated. With proper insulation, you can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting along with other problems while you are away.

  6. Clean Your Gutters

    Make sure to clean your gutters by removing any debris in them before leaving your home. This will allow rainwater to move away from your foundation and rooftop. It will also keep water out of your backyard while you are away.

  7. Check for Sump Pump Problems

    You can prevent flooding in the basement by keeping your sum pump in working order. Check the sump pump and make sure it’s working properly before you leave for vacation. If it isn’t easy for you to manage, call a professional plumber to check it at least a week before leaving. Install an efficient sump pump for additional protection while you’re away.

  8. Ask for Your Neighbor’s Help

    If you are going on vacation for an extended period, make sure you ask your trusted neighbor to check in on your home’s plumbing system while you’re away. It’s the most effective way to identify problems early and prevent them from causing more damage.

    It will be beneficial if your neighbor is willing to come over once a week. They can inspect for water leaks and other damage by turning on a few faucets to allow the water to run through crucial pipes. They can also inspect common fixtures such as water heaters, sinks, and toilets.

  9. Remove Potential Odors from Plumbing Fixtures

    Make sure you deal with any foul odors coming from your home appliances and other plumbing fixtures before leaving for a vacation. Foul odors can sometimes indicate bigger problems. Clean the dishwasher and turn on the garbage disposal to abolish food that can produce an odor.

Final Words

Vacation is a time to relax. The last thing you would want on your holiday is to worry about what’s happening at home. If you’re planning for an extended vacation, make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned in this blog to prevent any potential dangers while you’re away. Contact a professional plumber to ensure your home’s plumbing system is working fine before you leave for a vacation.

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