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Plumbing maintenance is something that should be a regular affair so that minor issues are recognized earlier and you are saved from the large financial bills and the inconvenience that they would otherwise bring later. Furthermore, issues such as water leakages continue to cost you in over charged water bills, and also result in damage to your property such as the floor under the kitchen sink or the walls that drip.

Maintenance does not only include checking for any leaks every now and then, but also entails seasonal plumbing maintenance to discover any underlying plumbing issues before they develop into larger problems for you. Therefore, to save yourself from these avoidable expenses later, keep your energy bills low, and to conserve water for future generations, simply ensure regular plumbing system maintenance.

Following is a checklist that will help you to maintain the plumbing system of your house and keep it in good condition for years to come.

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is usually the most problematic and is often the culprit in clogged lines and similar issues. Make sure you maintain your kitchen sink by removing the grease build up in the sink using a strainer to dispose it off into the trash bin rather than allowing it to seep through and run down the drain. Furthermore, it is advisable to run hot water through the kitchen drain so that any existing soap and grease build up melts an is washed away. Some other pointers to keep in mind are:

  • Never put food wastes through your drains. Things such as banana peel or potato skins can cause quite a lot of problems down the road.
  • Run the water for a few minutes after food disposal to ensure that everything has been flushed down the line.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another troubled area when it comes to plumbing woes and plumbing maintenance. The drains here are often clogged as well. To avoid these issues, you can follow a few simple tips:

  • Make sure that the drains have screens installed over them. This will ensure that hair doesn’t get into the drain.
  • Reducing the use of bath oils will keep the sink and shower drains flowing perfectly. All the products used to moisturize and condition end up in the pipes attracting debris and contaminants, and later contributes to clogged drains.
  • To avoid clogging, stop using the drain as a trash can. This means tampons and wipes that may even be labeled as flushable should also be avoided. Ideally, only toilet papers and human waste should be flushed.
  • The use of chemicals to remove clog is also detrimental for the plumbing system in the long run. It may seem otherwise, but chemicals are generally too strong and end up damaging the pipes that will cause leaks later. Find other ways such as hot water flushing to avoid chemicals, specially the caustic ones, to save you from expensive repairs and replacements later.

Water Heater

The heater is a prominent fixture in the plumbing structure and one that can cause a great deal of inconvenience if it decides to act up. This could be extremely inconvenient in the colder months. You can ensure proper maintenance using the following tips:

  • The heating temperature should be set at 120 Fahrenheit for optimal performance
  • Drain out the water every few months to ensure there is no sediment build up. Sediment buildup can cause corrosion, reduce efficiency, and reduce the lifespan of the fixture. Check your heaters valve to see if it’s working fine. Lift the lever and allow it to snap back. There should be a gush of hot water into the drain pipe if everything is working properly. However, if the heater is a particularly old one, it is better to be cautious and seek professional help.

Replace Old Pipes in the System

This can be especially important if you’re moving in to a remodeled house. If your pipes and fixtures are old, they have inevitably gone through significant wear and tear and may not durable today. Therefore having them replaced as soon as possible is a better idea as they will inevitably start causing problems.

Prepare for the Weather

The weather also takes a toll on the plumbing system of your house so it is a good practice to prepare for that. For example, just before winter arrives, try and winterize the plumbing so it is in a better condition to withstand the extreme weather. This simple maintenance can come extremely handy. Preventing the pipes from freezing will also save you a number of subsequent hassles. You can always acquire our dedicated plumbing services to help you with preparing your plumbing system for the winter.

The Outdoors

Keep an eye on the outdoors as well to ensure a smooth running plumbing system. Ensure the following for the outdoors:

  • Bird nests and their remnants can clog gutters and downspouts which is why it’s a good idea to have them cleared. Also, check the plumbing vests and ensure there are no bird nests there.
  • Ensure that outdoor spigots are not leaking. If there happen to be any leaks or drips, have them repaired straight away.

The aforementioned tips will help you maintain a fairly smoothly running plumbing system and ensure that you do not have to face the inconvenience and expenses of plumbing woes. However, if you are facing any plumbing related issues, acquire our dedicated plumbing services and our professional staff will take care of it for you.

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