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Renovating a bathroom can be a stressful process, but it is a great way to add to the property value and increase the home’s livability. If it’s done right, it can be an amazing change for your home.

However, if you aren’t careful you may get a bathroom that isn’t really practical for your house. Packing out tiles and fixtures is not the only task that comes with renovating a washroom.

There are some essential things that you need to take into consideration when you are preparing to renovate your bathroom to make sure the change is positive.

The Current Plumbing System

In order to renovate the bathroom, it is important to know details about the plumbing you have right now. The type of plumbing pipes you have installed right now will have an effect on the new layout of the toilet.

Take note whether they are in the walls of the bathroom or the floors so the process of renovation can be easily executed. If you have an old home it means that the pipes installed in the house will also be old; they may not be big enough to fit some new fixtures that you have picked.

Since you’re renovating the whole washroom it may also be a good idea to upgrade the old pipes. Old pipes are more prone to collapsing which cause leaks and bursts. This can result in higher maintenance and repairs costs.

Toilet Upgrades

Despite their impact on our daily lives, most people forget to maintain their toilet which means that they may deteriorate quicker. If you are renovating the whole washroom it is probable that you will remove the toilet. If you do intend to change the toilet, consider a more efficient model. Low flow toilets will waste less water so look for a toilet with a high maximum performance score. This will only improve the functionality of your new washroom.

However, if you don’t want to change the toilet it is recommended to at least replace the lid and toilet seat. It is an inexpensive way to have a better toilet feel. Even though this won’t really impact the plumbing in any way, it will add to the new feel of a changed bathroom.

Water Heaters

For the new shower or bathtub that you are installing, you will need a good hot water source. Extra water might be needed for luxurious baths, which means investing in a water heater with a larger capacity for hot water production and storage.

Even with all the extra water you are using, newer water heaters are designed to be more cost-effective. A new water heater upgrade means that you can get a more efficient model. Whether its gas or electric, or tankless or regular, an upgrade will do your new bathroom some good.

Design Plan

A design plan will make renovating the bathroom easier. It is better that you take some time out to consider what your needs are. You can determine this by examining whom the bathroom is meant for.

If the new bathroom is for children, it is better to install a double sink so morning and bedtime routines are finished quicker. Other features like a pull-out step stool can make it easier for children to reach the sink. You can also install no-slip tiles as an added safety feature in the bathroom.

If the bathroom is going to be for the master bedroom, it is always a good idea to add in spa features like steam showers, head to toe jets, heated towel racks, natural light or even a magazine rack. This will ensure that you can use the bathroom to relax as these added features can create a luxurious feeling.

If the bathroom is going to be for guests that visit your home often, it can be a really comforting thing to add an extra shelf in the bathroom. This built-in shelf can be a great feature for guests as they can have some space to store their things without feeling intrusive.


Ensure that there is a system of ventilation installed in the new bathroom. If you are a fan of taking hot showers, it can actually be dangerous to do so in a bathroom which isn’t properly ventilated. Steam from hot showers can actually increase the humidity by a lot which can overpower the oxygen in the air. It can cause fainting or blackout.

Ventilation will ensure that the water vapor in the air isn’t thick enough to cause you to pass out. Enjoy your hot showers in a safe way!

Hire a Professional

The ability to do basic plumbing things like unclogging the drain doesn’t necessarily mean that you are knowledgeable enough to renovate your washroom. Even while designing the washroom, you will need expert help as they will be better able to guide you on what is more practical considering the size of your washroom.

Even though it may feel like you did a good job, it doesn’t mean you installed new fixtures or tiles the correct way. If something was wrong with your technique, it can have huge costs. Loosely fitted pipes or fixtures may leak or burst causing flooding. The water will soak the floor and walls which can result in structural damage. Mold and fungus may also begin to develop in pools of water from the leakage.

Improper pipe fixings can also result in frequent sewer backups or clogs which means you will have to call a plumber to inspect the drainage pipe system. This results in higher maintenance and repair costs. You may also end up damaging the new fixtures or tiles while trying to install them on your own, which can also result in high replacement costs.

It is better to be honest about your own skills; leave the technicalities to a professional. This surely does not mean that you will have no power over the new washroom, but it is indeed better to work with the plumbing expert to create a good change in your home.

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