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Pipe bursting is the only efficient way of replacing an existing water pipe with a larger or identical one with the need of less or sometimes no excavation at all. In other words, it involves a trenchless method of replacing pipelines that are buried deep underground, like water, natural gas, or sewer pipes, without using construction trenches. This method of pipe replacement helps to save time, money and it is eco-friendly too.

The method of pipe replacement is all about the use of a winch, which pulls up the pipe bursting head with the newly attached pipe through the old pipeline. While this is done, the debris from the old pipeline remains in the ground, which serves as a stabilizer. The pneumatic heads absorb the vibrations from the soil, so that other pipelines underground aren’t affected in any way. Pipe bursting is also ideal because it doesn’t disturb the ground right above.

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Equipments Used

In pipe bursting, five equipments are used for a good and long lasting job. These include, pulling machine, rod, hydraulic power jack, expander head, and the retaining device. Expander heads now have leading ends that are much smaller in size and diameter than the bursting (trailing) ends, which are small enough to easily fit through the pipe that needs to be replaced. The smaller leading end is designed in a special way that guides the expander straight through the originally existing pipe. This feature is new with the expander heads and older models didn’t have it, which resulted in loss of time and incomplete project failures and pipe bursts.

The changeover from the leading end to the bursting ends can also include the use of “fins”, which make the very first contact with the existing pipe. The use of these fins helps to ensure that the pipes break along their circumference. Another machine is placed in the receiving pit so the expander head pulls the new pipe in place, and interlocking links formed from chains pull the head. All the equipments used in this process are powered by hydraulic power generators.

How Does Sewer Bursting Work?

  • Excavation is first done at the both ends of the pipes that need to be replaced.
  • A pipe bursting special head is attached to the new pipe, which is then inserted through the old one from one excavation.
  • The head of the new pipe is pulled through the old one with a winch.
  • The head of the new pipe breaks through the old pips and pushes away the fragments of the broken pieces into the soil as in continues to move through the line.


  • Old and broken pipes are replaced.
  • Less downtime as compared to the old methods.
  • Costs less and more efficient.
  • Less disruptive to the land above and thus environmentally friendly.

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