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Performing grease line repair can prove to be tiring task but that doesn’t mean that it can be avoided. The amount of effort that needs to be put in depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage is significant and your sewer lines gets clogged, then you will have to call in the experts like the Mesa Plumbing Company, which caters to clients in Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, and surrounding areas. These plumbing experts will come to your rescue and will perform grease line repairs using equipment for cleaning. However, once this task has been performed it is your responsibility to keep the line grease free otherwise you will find yourself exceeding your budget due to even more plumbing bills.

Listed below are some techniques which will help you keep the line grease free and in avoiding extensive grease line repairs.

Make Use of Enzymes

  • The first thing you need to do is pick out the most reasonable access point to the sewer. This won’t be difficult considering that all the drains in your house lead to the sewer line, but the most reasonable point is one which allows greater access like your basement drain or your toilet.
  • Next you need to use a warm bucket of water to mix an enzyme drain cleaner. The amount of water to be used varies according to each product manufacturer. This quantity of water ensures maximum effectiveness, which is why you need to read the directions thoroughly and follow them.
  • In order to loosen the grease you should pour hot water down the drain so that it goes into the sewer line.
  • The water should be followed by a bucket of enzyme solution being poured down the drain and into the sewer line. Enzymes are naturally occurring colonies of bacteria which live off grease. Once you pour enzymes into the sewer line, they will continue to grow and multiply.
  • After the grease line repairs are done make sure to repeat this process on a daily basis for the first week, after that repeat it once every month. If you continue to perform this maintenance routine then your homes sewer lines will remain degreased.

Alternative Eco-Friendly Methods

  • Pouring baking soda into your drain on a monthly basis is another useful method that you can use. It is mildly caustic in nature which allows it to eat away at grease particles.
  • Alternately you could use a solution of baking powder and white vinegar. This will result in a bubbly solution which will help clean the drain. The bubbles in this solution are there to work on stubborn grease deposits, as result they facilitate the operations of baking soda.
  • Another method that you can use for this purpose is to use washing soda. Pour a cup of washing soda down the drain and let it make its place. You can easily find washing soda in the laundry sections of retail shops. Washing soda is more caustic than baking soda which is why it is more effective against grease.

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