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Have you just received an exorbitantly high water bill? Are you wondering why your water bill is so high this month? Well, there are a number of possible reasons for this, the most likely of which is always an undetected water leak somewhere around the house. An undetected leak somewhere along your plumbing system is, in most cases, the primary reason for the hike that you’re seeing in your water bills. In fact, when trying to determine whether you have a leak in your plumbing system, one of the first questions a plumber will ask you is whether you’ve experienced an unusually high water bill.

Promptly locating the leak and getting it fixed is a no-brainer; however, they’re not always easy to detect as most of them originate in areas that are out of sight. Call in a professional plumber to detect the leak and get it fixed as soon as you receive an overcharged water bill. Below are some of the common house leaks that could be the culprit behind your overcharged water bills. If you keep an eye out for any of these, you’ll be able to get them fixed before they expose you to water damage, health hazards, and of course, overcharged water bills.

The Water Connection into the House May Be Leaking

There is a black poly pipe that brings water to your house from the water meter. At times, that pipe can start to leak for different reasons.  Mostly, it is the weakening connections in the fittings that cause the water to leak. At other times, it can be gardening or other activity above the ground that leads to punctures or damages to the line, which causes it to leak.

You may be able to detect it if there is a puddle or mushy ground somewhere in your yard. Call in a professional plumber to fix it as soon as you find signs of this leak to save yourself the extra dollars you’ll inevitably end up paying in overcharged water bills.

Leaky Faucets

A leaking faucet may sound harmless, but if left unattended, it can turn into hundreds of dollars in overcharged water bills by the end of the year. Besides all the extra money that you’ll have to pay, it can also cost you in the form of water damage and creeping mold growth.

Such a leak can result from broken tap washers, damaged mixer tap cartridges, or worn out ceramic disc spindles; things a professional plumber will be able to fix for you in no time. Therefore, keep a vigilant eye out for signs of a leak around the faucets and do not ignore them when you find one.

High Water Pressure

Although most homeowners prefer water pressure that can rival that of a fire truck’s, unreasonably high water pressure can take a toll on your plumbing pipes, particularly if it’s irregular. Household plumbing pipes and fixtures have a limit when it comes to how much water pressure they can sustain, beyond which, they are likely to develop leaks.

A skilled plumber will be able to tell you whether the water pressure in your pipes is causing your overcharged water bills. Fixing the water pressure issue will also ensure that you don’t have to deal with broken pipes and fixtures down the line.

Leaking Water Filters

You have to keep an eye on this plumbing fixture as well. A water filtration system installed in your home is composed of a complex network of pipes that go in and out of the filter. These connecting pipes often develop leaks due to a malfunctioning ring that controls the water flow. Therefore, the water filtration system needs to be kept in check for any signs of dripping leaks.

Leaky Flex Hoses

Sometimes, faulty flex hoses are to be blamed for these leaks that cost you hundreds of dollars in overcharged water bills. What’s worse is that you don’t even notice these common house leaks because no one checks the flex hoses.

You’ll find leaky flex hoses most likely on the cold and hot water taps under your sinks or the laundry container. Keep a watchful eye out for signs of a leaky flex hose and call in a professional plumber promptly to have them replaced.

Hot Water Fixture

Like most other plumbing fixtures, the water heating system is also prone to give way to wear and tear and develop leaks over time. Once it has run its course, which is usually after 10-12 years, leaks will start to show up in any number of ways. They may come from a rusty tank or a loose connection or something else. It is wise to have your water heater regularly examined by a professional plumber, especially if it’s an old one, so the leaks can be detected and fixed in a timely manner.

A Leaky Toilet

At times, it may be your toilet tank that is constantly leaking into the bowl but continues to go on undetected. In cases like this, it is usually the flapper inside the tank that is malfunctioning. Its job is to hold the water inside the tank once it has filled up, but when it fails to do its job, the water continues to run down the toilet bowl while the water connection continues to try and fill the tank.

You can run a blue dye test yourself to find out if this is really the case. Call in a plumber to look into it and fix it right away so you can put an end to gallons of water being wasted on a daily basis. In the process, you will also save yourself hundreds of dollars in overcharged water bills.

Call Mesa Plumbing Company

There are a number of reasons for an increase in your water bills, and these common household water leaks are the most likely of them. The best way to deal with these leaks is by calling in a professional plumber to inspect all the likely places that could have developed a leak. Keeping an eye on the fixtures and areas mentioned above will ensure that if a leak does occur, you can call a plumber in right away to fix it. In doing so, you will save yourself from having to pay those overcharged water bills. Acquire our dedicated plumbing services to take care of all these leaks or any of your other plumbing needs.

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