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Water leaking from an old worn pipe in winter

The plumbing system in your house requires regular maintenance and checkups so that you do not have to face costly plumbing problems. Although they can occur at any time of the year if adequate maintenance is not ensured, there are certain plumbing problems that you will be exposed to exclusively in the winter season. It is advisable to be proactive and have a comprehensive plumbing checkup before the winter season arrives. Therefore, we have compiled a list of common winter plumbing issues so you can protect your plumbing system from them beforehand.

Frozen Pipes

Most parts of your plumbing system are exposed enough to be affected by the drop in temperature in the freezing winter months. Freezing of the pipes is a common phenomenon in our part of the globe where temperatures can touch zero degree and frequently go even lower. If your plumbing pipes have been left unprotected, they will likely freeze, causing a host of issues for you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take care of them before the weather turns hostile. Get the plumbing system inspected by a professional to figure out which pipes may be most at risk of freezing and take adequate measures to protect them.

Some of the ways you can do that are:

  • Keeping the heating systems in the house running even if you are away. Anything above 50 Fahrenheit should do.
  • Allowing the faucet to drip slightly will keep the water running through the plumbing system which will make it difficult for the water to freeze within the pipes.
  • Applying heating tapes on areas most at risk can works like magic to keep the pipes from freezing.
  • Applying extra insulation could also prevent the pipes from freezing.

However, if you are still faced with a freezing pipe issue, the first thing you should do is to turn off the water flow as they can burst and go on to cause substantial water damage to your property.

Water Heater Failure

Water heater failure is another plumbing issue that you are most likely to experience in the winter months because that’s when you use it the most. It can be an ugly experience to be surprised – and not in a good way– when the hot water tap splashes freezing cold water all over you during that morning shower.

In the winter months, the heater is working extra hard to maintain that warm temperature that you love and is more likely to fail especially if it has run its course of 8 to 10 years.

It is best that you replace your water heaters in a timely manner and save yourself from the inconvenience it will cause in the winter months, especially if you have your guests coming over for the holidays.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are another common occurrence in the winter season. The winter holidays are surely fun, but they put your house’s drainage under additional stress. With the festivities and guests, a lot more water is consumed. All of this comes together to affect your drains in the worst of ways and you will notice that most clogged drain problems will emerge around this time. However, you can take measures to ensure that you don’t have to encounter such plumbing issues. You can have your drains inspected and cleared out beforehand to avoid a messy situation in the holiday season.

Septic Tank Bursts

Septic tanks are best kept thoroughly maintained and it is better do so just before the winter sets in. Winter pumps may still be possible if the trucks can reach where you septic tank is located. Ice coverage during the winter months can make it much more difficult. Furthermore, the freezing winter temperatures and the increased stress on your septic tank can be a recipe for disaster. The waste and the sewage could back up into the pipes if the tank is full to its capacity and can cause the pipes to burst if it ends up freezing. Therefore, it is imperative that you get this sorted out before the winter months, especially if you are expecting guests that will increase the stress on the septic tanks.

Water Line Leaks

A leak anywhere in your plumbing system is to be dealt with as soon as possible as it invites a number of costly hassles and repairs for you. In the winter months, this can be doubly disastrous. One major reason for such leaks is that holes are more likely to form in worn out pipes and they are also more likely to crack. It is better that you have your piping inspected by professionals beforehand instead of paying for expensive repairs and dealing with mess that these line leaks will create.

It is absolutely essential that you ensure a thorough winter specific check up of your house’s plumbing system and guard yourself from all the above winter pluming issues by being proactive. If you need professional plumbing inspection just before the winter months or require any other plumbing assistance for plumbing issues around your house, acquire our dedicated plumbing services to take care of all your plumbing needs.

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