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Homeowners in Mesa, Arizona often face the serious problem of clogged and overflowing drains that greatly affects everyday life, and the image of the restaurant/commercial business you run. There are several ways and methods that homeowners can use for drain cleaning, and taking care of clogged drains, one of them is to hire a professional plumbing company in Mesa, AZ.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most people immediately reach for the most effective drain cleaning product when faced with the pressing problem of a clogged drain. Such chemical cleaners while being effective at unclogging many drains, can also damage old metal pipes. Acid cleaners on the other hand while being effective at cleaning drains, are equally dangerous and strong and shouldn't be used as a DIY cleaning project.

It is advisable that homeowners follow the instructions on the label of the bottles, up to the letter and take extreme care and precaution when handling them.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

This type of drain cleaner works by introducing bacteria or enzymes into the drain. The bacteria eats up or dissolves the organic matter clogging the drain, such as hair, grease and food particles which gives the end result of a clog free and clear drain. The biggest advantage, and why homeowners in Mesa, Arizona prefer this type of drain cleaner is due to its all natural properties, unlike chemical cleaners which release fumes and other hazardous materials that can harm not only pipes but the water supply as well.

The one and only disadvantage of this method of cleaning is that enzymatic cleaners take more time compared to chemical cleaners.

Mechanical Dry Cleaning

The most effective way used to clean a clogged drain is to manually remove the object or material that is blocking the drain. A number of ways can be employed to achieve this, such as;

  • Plunger: With the help of this tool, suction can be created on the drain with which the object close to the surface comes up.
  • Plumbing Snake: For much deeper clogs, the use of plumbing snake which is placed several feet down and helps breaks the obstruction in the pipes.
  • Sewer Auger: Some clogs are stubborn and very hard to remove, therefore this tool is used to cut up the obstruction, and flush up the pieces down the drain.

The method used by mesa plumbing company to clear up drains and clogs comprised of a high pressure hydro jet mechanism, and uses visual technology to determine the source of the clogs.

Moreover our professionally trained and certified experts and technicians know the exact plumbing code requirements and are perfectly adept for water heater repair and replacement jobs. Along with this, home and business owners can rest their minds when it comes to hiring the company due to the unbeatable and quite affordable prices, side by side with high quality work given by the Mesa Plumbing Company. Get your quote today.

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