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The Mesa Plumbing Company has built a solid reputation in the East Valley of Arizona since its advent in 1949. We not only provide highly reliable plumbing services, but we believe in making a positive difference within the community by being a support system for some of the bravest souls of our nation; the military, navy and air force.

The Mesa Plumbing Company and Military Background

The reason Mesa Plumbing Company places our war veterans in high esteem is that one of the founding fathers of this company was part of the US Air Force. Jim James had started this company in 1949. He was part of the US Air Force as a B52 bomber in World War 2.

His initiative not only led to a number of job openings for retired war veterans, but also instilled a sense of commitment and dedication to this country. Russell James Sr. (Coast Guard), James P (Navy) , Jake D (Army) , Eric H (3 infantry marines Afghanistan) Mark P (Navy), Milo (Marines), Houston J (Marines and Navy - Afghanistan) were some of the brave heroes that worked for the Mesa Plumbing Company.

How The Mesa Plumbing Company Made Firm Roots in the Plumbing Market

The motto of Mesa Plumbing service has always been to provide the best possible service for the lowest possible price. This organization was one of the pioneers in professional plumbing operations and services and from day one, the quality of service was never compromised.

Having a firm strategy from the beginning, with a goal to provide the country with the finest plumbing service, the Mesa Plumber gradually became everyone’s favorite. A number of plumbers from all over the country have gained valuable experience working with this organization that is successfully running for three generations.

Family values instilled in the company policy has allowed it to reach the stars today, as one of the most reliable services for residential, commercial and site utilities in Arizona. The military background that the founding fathers of this company share has allowed it to reach new heights of success.

Mesa Plumbing Service and Support of Military Today

Pursuing civilian careers for retired Army Veterans is not as easy as it seems. Though there are a number of policies in place, sometimes, finding these jobs becomes hard. Since, Mesa Plumbing Service has had a military backbone since its advent; the support provided to these veterans is not only our job, but also our duty.

With a variety of job openings available for retired Service individuals and many special discounts for the military, we hope to play our part in shaping a valuable community. A number of times, our uniforms and trucks have represented solidarity with the services our military does for this nation and we collect donations for our Veteran Affairs community.

If you are a retired military member, feel free to call us on 480-832-1660 and we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote of our services!

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