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According to research, an ordinary gas water heater serving four family members emits almost two tons of carbon dioxide every year, causing cardiovascular problems, and weakening the immune system. On average, a household electric water heater releases eight tons of carbon dioxide yearly.

Have you taken every possible step to make your home toxin-free? If yes, then have you installed a solar water heating system? In North America, the carbon dioxide emitted by gas and electric water heaters equals the carbon dioxide released by automobiles every year. However, environment-friendly Americans have already installed 1.5 million solar water heating systems.

How Solar Water Heating Systems Work?

Although tankless water heaters are gaining popularity, the green-globe mechanism of solar water heaters remains unbeaten in the market. This on demand water heater costs from $1500 to $3500 only. Depending on the renewable and efficient energy source, sunlight, the solar water heaters convert sunlight into heat to warm the water.

It has two main parts: a storage tank and the solar collector. The former carries water to be heated and the latter converts sunlight into heat energy. It has passive, active, or both types of mechanisms. Without getting deeper into its operations, we just need to know that passive solar heater is cheaper than active one. A solar heater with both types of mechanisms costs far more expensive than gas or electric heater.

Today, people also make solar water heaters at home. Although, these are much cheaper than those available in the market, beginners must not try them. Remember that solar water heating systems are not as simple as they seem to be.

Things to Consider for Installation

Solar water heaters need deeper brainstorming for installation than other types of heaters. The system requires adequate solar energy supply while direct sunlight exposure on the solar collector is vital.

Since solar water heating systems are a little expensive, you need to estimate the size of heater according to your needs. Don’t buy a heater that serves 16 people while you have only 6 members in the house.

Benefits of Solar Water Heater

Saving Money: You don’t have to be worried about hefty electricity or gas bills with solar heaters. These heaters can prove to be really inexpensive provided you maintain them on a regular basis.

Cleaner Environment: A perfect green solution to rising environmental pollution, solar water heating systems emit a very low percentage of carbon dioxide and helps reduce air toxins.

Even servicing a solar water heater requires nothing more than regular gas or electric water heaters. The only drawback is the initial price, which, on a positive note, should be considered a lifetime investment.

Mesa Plumbing Company offers lucrative packages on solar water heater install, repair and replacement. Get your hands on this green water heating solution now!

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