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How often do you conduct maintenance of your septic system? Doing this on a regular basis is a must if you want to avoid major repairs in future. Your septic system has an important role to play, but it cannot do this properly until you play your part and make sure it is in good working condition. Here are some things which you can do to achieve this.

Protect the parts

Go through the records which you must have gotten with your house and note down all the sites where the main components of your septic system are located. Once you come to know about this, you can ascertain these components are not damaged by any careless act. Also never drive your car on the drain field. Doing this will crack the pipe and compact the soil, which will not be able to absorb water in the same quantities as before.

Other than this, you should ascertain that no shrubs or trees grow near the tank of the drain field. If you allow this, the roots can enter the pipes and crack them.

Pump on a regular basis

If you have a standard septic system, you should get it pumped at least once in every three years. If you are careful and can make sure that no harmful objects are entering your septic system, you can get it pumped after every five years. Some of you may have a regular maintenance contract with a technician, which is required with some septic systems. In that case, let the pros guide you about suitable pumping periods.

Generally, the average costs for pumping lie between $200 and $400 if the lid of your system can be easily accessed. For a system with a buried lid, you will probably have to pay an additional $100.

Make sure no harmful substances enter your system

There are certain substances which can damage your septic system if they can find their way in. As an example, water in huge quantities overloads a septic system. You should divert water from the roof with gutters. Also install water saving appliances and if there are any leaks, get them fixed immediately. Other than this, pace out your laundry session and try not to take too frequent showers.

Solids can also damage your septic system. Avoid throwing food scraps, hair, metallic objects and other similar things down the drain. Also make sure that you are not throwing any drain cleaner into your system. If you are using a water softener, the salty water from it can damage your system. As the pros to inspect the scum and if it is not normal, you should drain the backwash water elsewhere.

Conduct regular inspections

Whenever there are heavy rains, walk over your drain field. Should you notice a musty smell in the air or lush green grass in a specific area, your drain field may be called. Take help from the pros in this case.

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