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Uh oh, you have a plugged sink or a shower drain problem. Does this mean that your main line has clogged? Should you be concerned? This depends on a number of things. In most cases, a clogged sink and shower drain can be treated as simple plumbing problems. But what if other plumbing fixtures are also clogged along with these? In this case, there might be a problem with your sewer system.

A line blockage is indicated by a number of systems; we will talk about these, but before that let us see what you can do about a clogged sink and shower drain.

Unplugging your sink and drain

In most cases, a clogged sink can be unclogged with a plunger fill up the sink with some water, then insert the plunger in the drain. Work it up and down a number of times, and then pull it off. The water should pass through quickly now. A shower drain can also be unblocked in a similar manner.

If plumbing is not effective, you may have to use and auger, but a much better idea is to call a reputed plumbing company in Mesa, AZ. Also check for signs that indicate a main line blockage. If you observe some of these, you probably have a sewer problem and will have to appoint the pros to deal with it.

What signs indicate a main line blockage?

Plugged drains and sinks are a simple problem and can be dealt with easily in most cases. But what of your observe these problems with some other signs as well? Your main line might be blocked then.

Multiple clogged fixtures

Observe all of the plumbing fixtures in your home. If all of them are clogged, there is definitely a problem with the main line. Especially notice the toilets; any problem with the sewer system and toilets are the first fixtures that are affected in most cases. Indeed, in some cases, a toilet clog is just a simple problem which you can treat on your own. But what if other toilets, drains are also clogged? You should be concerned then and call the professionals.

Water backups in the toilets, showers or tubs

This is a common sign, and is most often, linked to a blockage in the sewer line. Flush your toilet; if the water comes back in the toilet or in your showers and tubs, your line is clogged.

Trapped air

Turn on the faucet of a sink which is close to a toilet. Observe the water in the toilet; if this rises or bubbles appear, air is trapped in your plumbing system, indicating a main line blockage.

Now call a professional plumbing company in Mesa, AZ

So your mainline is definitely clogged. What can you do about it? Call a plumber and they will conduct an inspection of your sewer system. The cause of the blockage will be identified, and accordingly, a suitable method will be used to solve the problem.

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