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Detecting the location of a sewer line in San Tan can be extremely difficult since they are buried underground invisible to the naked eye. It’s good practice to locate your sewer line when you’ve recently moved into a new home. With time, sewer lines may become corroded, clogged or may simply collapse or leak. No matter what the case is, chances are you would need to know the location of your sewer lines at some point in time. How is one to find their sewer line without having to dig up their entire yard? Read more to find out.

The Sewer Vent and Cleanout Line

To locate the sewer line in San Tan in this way, you will need to start looking for clues. The very first thing you’ll have to search for would be the sewer vent. This is typically located at the top of the house where the kitchen or the bathroom is located.

Secondly, the cleanout line must be located. This will be a PVC pipe in your yard, sticking its head out of the ground. Once you have those two located you need to speculate how a straight path can run between the two. Once lined up, the straight path will continue until it reaches the alley and connects to the main sewer line of the city. Professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company can help locate the sewer line.

Dowse for It

You may have to go back to the very basics and revert to tried and true methods that have been implemented for centuries in San Tan. You can dowse for your sewer line using 2 welding rods. Bend the ends of the rods at 90 degree angles to give them handles. These must be gripped lightly in both hands to make sure that they move freely. Walk slowly around your property with both welding rods in hand until they cross over to form an X. The location where the X is formed is where the sewer line is located.

Infrastructure Map

If any of the above methods are ineffective, then you may want to go straight to the source. The city’s sewer department typically has an infrastructure map of all sewer lines in the city. This will not only tell you where the line is located but also its depth.

Sewer Camera

This new method of locating the sewer line is the most effective one in use today in San Tan. A sewer camera can be obtained by contacting a professional such as the Mesa Plumbing Company. This special camera is inserted into the sewer and lowered until it reaches the location. This camera will provide information on where the sewer line is located, what kind of condition it is in, and how much digging is required in order to reach it.

Locating a sewer line can get confusing. Accurate detection of the location is of the utmost importance so you don’t end up doing needless damage to your property in allocation where it is not needed. Professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company can help with the accurate location of sewer lines and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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