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Water quality is an important issue if you want to stay safe and protect your health. The water which you receive in your home is often contaminated and contains harmful substances like chlorine. As such, you must treat this water and make it safe, before you consume it.

There are so many water treatment systems available in Mesa, and selecting a suitable one among them can be quite confusing. In order to make things easy for you, we will quickly go over the main choices which you have in this regard.

Water Softening System

In most homes, hard water is received. This water contains hard ions such as magnesium, calcium and iron which form scale when they come in contact with hot surfaces such as your water heater. This increases the lifetime of these appliances. Hard water also decreases the cleaning effect of soap and detergents, and forms deposits in all your plumbing fixtures.

As far as your health is concerned, hard water is not dangerous. If you do not want to suffer from its disadvantages, you can convert it into soft water with a water softening system. Such a system replaces the hard ions found in water with soft ions such as sodium. When this replacement is no longer possible, the system regenerates or cleans itself so that it can soften water once more.

Saltless Water System

Since sodium is not recommended for people suffering from cardio problems, a saltless water system can serve as a replacement. These exist in large variety, offering you several options to choose from. Here is a look at some of these.

Scale Reduction Systems

A scale reduction system does not remove any hard ions from water. Instead, it modifies these ions so that no scale is formed.

RO Whole House Treatment Systems

This system utilizes a semi permeable membrane to trap contaminants and impurities before water enters your pipelines. Since a RO whole house system is an expensive option, it is used in complex situations only.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

An ultraviolet disinfection system kills all harmful substances in water and makes it safe for drinking. However, it does not remove any hard ions.

Drinking Water Systems

These systems are a great choice for if you want to drink safe and pure water. Several types of drinking water systems exist, and all of them enhance the taste while eliminating contaminants. Obviously, the option is expensive and may not be suitable for your budget. Generally, a water drinking system is based on reverse osmosis or carbon filters.

Water Filters

There are many types of water filters available that are designed to meet different needs. These systems can address whole house filtration, iron, sulfur and chlorine removal and other needs. In every instance, the situation will vary and you will probably not need all of these types, but will be able to do with one or two.

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