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A home’s water system is maintained by a complex plumbing system that consists of many drainpipes, supply pipes, and vent pipes, etc. To carry the water from the municipal water supplies to the home and vice versa, complex paths are created to route the water to its destination. This is why plumbing system repair is usually a costly and time consuming process. It involves the maintenance of various pipe lines as well as the detection of faulty areas hidden within the piping system, either above or below ground. For this purpose, Mesa Plumbing Company complete repair services for home piping systems.

Understanding the Network of Pipes

The equipment used within a home’s piping system includes fittings, water pipes, faucets, and service valves. The pipes used in a home system are commonly made of copper, plastic, and galvanized iron. Some of the pipes that work together to send and receive water are:

Water Pipes

The water pipes are the final pathway to send water into a property. Water is sent from the streets to the home through these pipes. It contains water for drinking and washing purposes. The kitchen, washroom, and garage taps are all connected with these water pipes.

Keep a check!

  • A stop tap or lever is used to cease water flow in the pipes. This lever is usually connected to your kitchen sink, and you can close the water supply in case of a water leak within the house.
  • Water pipes were often made of lead in the olden days. However, these pipes are not in use today. If you have just shifted into an old house and your landlord has not performed tenant maintenance, make sure that the old lead pipes within the property are replaced with new ones made of plastic or galvanized iron. This is because lead bends with time and it is prone to leak or break. Contact our plumber to get the piping replaced.
  • Old water pipes can be maintained with Hi-Pressure Jetting and cleaning, grease line repair, cleaning, and replacement.

Sewer and Underground Piping

Sewer pipes carry sewage water to the main drains. Underground piping is networked to take the flushed excretions into the main sewage line. Since this drainage can create a lot of mess if a leak if found; special precautions are taken by the municipality to avoid such instances. If sewage leaks are causing you trouble within your home though, there’s nothing to worry about; our plumbers can fix almost any leakage!

Keep a check!

  • Flushing toilet papers and other articles down the drain can cause many problems; particularly of clogged drains. Be careful when it comes to your sewer pipes. If things have already gone wrong, then don’t worry. Camera inspection, sewer repair, and drain cleaning services are available for your convenience.
  • Sometimes, leaks in the sewer pipes also cause a bad smell in the washroom. Sewer odor detection methods are the best way to resolve your problems then.

Whether you live in Gilbert, Fountain hills, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, or San Tan, Mesa Plumbing Company offers the best services to all homes in these areas.

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