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An isolation valve sewer system, also known as a pressure sewer system is a great choice if you want to increase the efficiency and decrease the costs. This system consists of a pumping unit, which is connected to a network. These pipes transfer al wastewater into a treatment plant that processes it and make it suitable for re-use.

What compensate does an isolation valve sewer system contain?

An isolation valve sewer system has the following main elements.

  • House service line: This is a pipe with a small diameter, which connects the pumping unit, installed in your house, to a nearby pressure sewer system.
  • Boundary valve kit: A boundary valve kit prevents the wastewater in the local sewer system from entering your property. If a problem occurs with your system, this component will also isolate you from the main system.
  • Property drain: This is a pipe, which connects your house to the storage tank.
  • Control panel: Enclosed in a box, the control panel is mounted on a wall and allows you to control the isolation valve sewer system. The panel features all electrical controls, along with an alarm system.

How does an isolation valve sewer system work?

As already mentioned, an isolation valve sewer system comprises of network of pipes. Now your pumping unit collects all the wastewater produced in your house and transfers it to the local sewer system via a small pipe.

All the wastewater in your house, resulting from all drains is stored into the storage tank. Now when the level of wastewater rises, the system turns on the pump and all water is transmitted from the tank to a nearby sewer system, from where it is transferred to a treatment facility. As soon as the wastewater in your storage tank falls to a certain level, the pump turns off.

The system also sounds an alarm if the wastewater rises above an acceptable range. Refer to the manual of your isolation valve sewer system or contact a professional plumbing company so that they can deal with the problem.

What are the advantages of a isolation valve sewer system?

Compared to other types of sewer systems, an isolation valve sewer system is more robust and reliable. On your part, there is not much to do, and there are hardly any repair issues that arise. As for storage, you have around 24 hours for it but this is also defendant on the amounts of water that you use.

Moreover, an isolation valve sewer system is an eco friendly alternative, and does not exhibit the environment to any risks.

What should you keep in mind so that your isolation valve sewer system functions smoothly?

If you want your isolation valve sewer system to function properly, you will have to take care of a few things. Avoid inserting things like metal, glass, gravels, food, rags, cooking oil, grease and other similar items into the system because they can damage the pipes and lead to blockages.

You should also not place any heavy objects on the lid of your storage tank.

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