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A waste disposal or garbage disposal unit is an appliance which is installed under the sink instead of a sink basket. A garbage disposal is a good alternative to baskets since they eliminate the smells that tend to accumulate in other methods of collecting waste. Although the methods of installing a garbage disposal vary by brand in Mesa, most instructions remain the same.

When installing a garbage disposal unit, make sure to go through the instruction manual that accompanies it first. Alternatively, you may ask a professional to install it for you such as the Mesa Plumbing Company.

Remove the Sink Basket

The very first thing to do is to remove the sink basket if you had one installed previously.

Attach the Sink Sleeve

The sink sleeve which takes the place of the sink basket is used in order to connect the sink bowl to the disposal unit. This is done by threading the sleeve through the hole in the sink and securing it using mounting rings and the gasket. Refer to the manual of the garbage disposal bought in Mesa at this point in order to ascertain that similar parts have been provided.

The mounting rings and the gasket are installed in order to make sure that there is no water leakage when the water is run. There are typically two mounting rings provided. These are the upper mounting ring and the backup mounting ring. Additionally a snap ring may be provided for extra security and is installed by attaching it to the groove in the backup ring. It’s easy to get confused by the multiple parts associated with the installation of a garbage disposal. Professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing company are used to installing these on a regular basis and can have it up and running in no time.

Align Mounting Lugs

The mounting lugs and ears need to be aligned by lifting the disposer. The mounting screws need to be located between the backup and upper mounting rings.

The disposer will need to be moved in a clockwise direction until the mounting assembly can support it.

Attach Discharge Tube

The next step is to attach the discharge tube to the opening using a metal flange and a rubber gasket. This will secure it and make sure that there is no leakage.

Plug Removal

In case you have a dishwasher in Mesa which needs to be drained, the plug will have to be removed from the nipple in the smaller dishwasher and reattached to the one with a hose clamp.

This step must be ignored if you don’t have a dishwasher. Removing the plug in this case will lead to water spewing out of the hole.

Connect Drain Pipe to Discharge Tube

The drain pipe from the sink drain will have to be connected to the discharge tube of the disposal unit using a washer and a slip nut. The discharge tube or the drain pipe line will need to be cut in order to make them fit.

Lock it in Place

The final step for the disposal unit installation is to lock it in place using a disposer wrench. This is typically provided with the unit upon purchase. The wrench must be inserted in to the mounting lugs and turned clockwise until it is locked.

Installing a garbage disposal unit may seem a daunting task at first but can be taken care of if the instructions are carefully followed. In some cases however it’s best to call a professional for assistance in Mesa. The Mesa Plumbing company can provide such assistance and can be contacted by visiting

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