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There are many different factors that can cause a blockage in your home’s storm water drain. The blockage can result from frozen pipes, residue of oil, overgrown tree roots, or other pollutants that accumulate in the piping system. If these clogs are left unattended, they can create severe problems like flooding. Therefore, it is essential for every homeowner to be aware of the drain cleaning process and to check for the need to clean the drains on a monthly basis.

In order to ensure that the plumbing system is working correctly, it is essential to inspect the drainage pipes for a smooth flow. It is also ideal if you keep an eye on the unwanted debris and minimize it regularly. You can do this by simply filtering the drains and removing hair, dirt, food particles, oil, or other fragments from the drains before they go down the pipes. You will be able to enjoy a better working plumbing system, if you prevent the problem before you need a repair.

However, usually, some questions do arise when we think about drain cleaning. For instance, why is it so essential to clean out the drains? Or what could happen if we neglect it? If we are unaware of the damages that we may incur, we often delay the inspection until a later date. This is why experts at Mesa Plumbing Company want you to know the importance of cleaning your drains.

1. Environmental Damage

The debris and dirt that we fail to clean, reaches the main line sewers where it accumulates and drains out into the sea and rivers. The debris endangers the aquatic habitat and spoils the coastal areas too. If proper cleaning of the drainage is undertaken by everybody as their responsibility, then keeping our environment healthy and protected will not be a big task.

2. Home Piping System Damage

Something as small as grease being drained in the kitchen sink, or hair and soap scum going down the drain in the bathtub, can cause big problems like damaging the home piping system. Blocked drains severely drop the balanced pressure level in the system and lead to cracks in the pipes and burst them eventually. This can create serious problems and require more effort to fix, as compared to when it could have been minimized at an earlier stage. The best way to solve this issue is to regularly check your drains and to clean them by pouring down hot water or lemon juice. If this doesn’t fix the problem; then professional plumbers might be the help you need.

3. Health Risks

It is obvious that a failure to address the problems in your pipeline; eventually expose the home’s plumbing system to germs and bacteria that are injurious to health. Many water-borne diseases are also a result of such unhygienic conditions. Hence, drain cleaning services make sure that your house is germ-free and that healthy water is supplied to you without fail.

4. Economic Burden

Nevertheless, it’s true that drain and sewer cleaning may not be your foremost consideration, lest you incur serious damages in your piping system and the water has risen, well over your head. Rather than facing this scenario, it is wise to spend a little money on the cleaning and management of the plumbing system over time, rather than worrying about it at a later stage.

For professional plumbing and drain cleaning services, contact Mesa Plumbing Company in Gilbert, Tempe, Fountain hills, Scottsdale, Mesa, San Tan, and Chandler.

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