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You may have come across this term often when searching online for ways to clean your pipelines. Some professional plumbers have it listed too as one of the services they offer. Service providers like Mesa plumbing, a family owned company for three generations, know how important it is to provide a fast and effective solution to the drain problem and therefore stress on not treating it as a DIY job.

What is Hydro Jet Cleaning?

It’s a sewer and drain line cleaning method. For home and business owners alike, it’s the preferred and sometimes the only option when their drain lines are clogged up, especially when other methods to clean it up like using the auger fails to remove the residue, letting it build up.

It’s powerful to completely flush out the sewer lines without having to waste your money or time on other methods. It’s efficient too than most of the traditional machines because a hydro jet cleaning head can clean pipelines that have a larger diameter. And most importantly, it’s 100% environmentally friendly. There are no harsh chemicals involved.

If you have a slow drain line at your place, then instead of letting it grow into a major plumbing issue, use hydro jetting technique. This will send a blast of water into the lines. Since it’ll be at high pressure, it’ll be able to remove the blockages irrespective of whether the build up’s of hair, toothpaste, or tree roots. Whether you are a resident who frequently uses chemical cleaners that eventually cause sand and silt to build up, or a restaurant owner who needs drain lines to be cleaned of food particles or grease buildups, then hydro jetting is for you.

How does it Work?

As a professional drain cleaning service in Mesa, the company’s follows a strategic plan. During the first stage, they’ll make a detailed camera inspection to determine the problem, including the cause and location of what’s blocking the line. This inspection is a crucial step and should not be skipped. Also, if you hire the professional plumbers, they’d know exactly what to look for in the system and what and how to do it to not only clean and improve the lines but also prevent further damage.

It may be a broken or weakened pipe, and so, naturally, hydro jetting it will only increase the problem for you. But supposing that it’s the tree roots, then the procedure following it can be customized accordingly; if these are heavy roots, they need to be torn up to begin with using a snake so that the blast of water would cut through them. This usually is about 4000 psi.

Another thing why you should let the experts do the job is because it’s dangerous. There can be accidents, which is why you’ll notice the plumbers wear special gear to protect themselves. They’ll also be certified and trained to use the tools properly.

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