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How to Thaw Frozen pipe without damaging your house?

Water is a universal solvent found on this planet. The way it expands and freezes justifies its unique properties. The expansion of water puts terrific pressure on whatever is containing it, whether it’s any metal, plastic pipe, or any other strong material. Regardless of the container’s strength, expanding water has an ability to burst the pipes, and even break them.

The primary reason why pipes freeze or burst is their exposure to extreme cold. Outdoor pipes that have little or no padding undergo freezing and hence bloat and burst.

A little amount of ice can destroy an open supply line. But the real disaster happens when the ice defrosts and the line has a surge of free flowing water directly into your residence. This flow of water can lead to costly damages.

To help you prevent bursting of pipes, few tips have been mentioned in this post to guide you thaw frozen pipes without damaging your house.

How to Thaw and Repair the freezing pipes?

Here are the steps for defrosting frozen pipes and protecting your house:

  • If you turn on a tap and only a drop comes out, you certainly have a frozen pipe. The expected places where the pipe becomes frozen are the places from where water enters into your house — through foundations, and through pipes attached to exterior walls.
  • Keep the tap open. The frozen area will gradually start to melt, and water will begin to flow through the frozen area. Running water helps melt the ice in the pipe.
  • Open all the taps in your house to check other frozen pipes. A single frozen pipe causes other pipes to freeze as well.
  • Open cabinet doors and let the warm air reach to the pipes located under sinks. If pipes are exposed inside pantries or closet in your house, keep the doors open.
  • Open fans to blow heat into cold rooms.
  • When the water flow gets reduced, heat the susceptible pipes (usually the ones in crawl spaces, the ones attached to exterior walls, and in basements) with the help of a hair dryer.
  • Keep valve open while applying heat. The flow will start to increase as ice melts.
  • You can also apply heat to the section of pipe by wrapping pipes with towels drenched in hot water. Keep applying the heat until water is completely restored.
  • Never use a charcoal stove, a blowtorch, kerosene, or propane heater.
  • If you fail to spot the frozen area, if you couldn’t repair the frozen pipe, or if the frozen area is not accessible, seek professional help.

How can Professional Service help you?

Taking professional help is the permanent solution to get rid of all plumbing issues. Whether you need to bore new sewer lines, repair frozen pipes, or need high-pressure jetting, Mesa plumbing company excels in all. Contact now for the best reliable plumbing services.

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