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Hot water tanks are one invest that last you decades. However there does inevitably come a time when the water heater is on its last legs. There are tons of symptoms that you can look for when determining if rusty needs retirement. The following are the most common ones.

The Water Test

Feel the water temperature. If you notice that when you turn on the hot water tap and the water remains icy cold that the surefire sign something wrong with the water heater tank; unless of course you forgot to turn it on. Save yourself from being blindsided into an icy shower.

Brief Periods of Hot Water

The hot tap may emit hot water but not for very long, especially not as long as it used to some time ago. If you know that the water heater is not that old one than maybe it only needs fixing, however if a problem occurred this early from the time it was installed then you should expect more to follow. If you can afford it just get a nice replacement, something that will last.

Puddles around the Tank

You may think it is very ordinary to have puddles around the tank, after all where else would they be. You may be mistaken. If you notice pools of water or puddles near the base of the water tank or water streaming down in front of you, there is a leak in the tank that’s causing other problems with the water heater.

Smaller Leaks Count As Well

Any leaks present in the plumbing connections, fittings etc can lead to issues in the water heater tank. You should also be on a lookout for corrosion, sludge, and standing water. This does not call for repair; a wise move would be to replace the whole thing, maybe with a modern electric version.

Listen To the Hot Water

If the water heater makes strange noises all the time, or if you hear a certain clang! Now and then there could very possibly be a mechanical problem with the water heater.

Check the Age

You may have bought the house with a fully functional water tank, it is important that you find out how old the tank is. Most tanks are bought with warranties from five years to a whole decade. It is true that many of the water tanks easily last a lot longer than when this time period expires, plus there is always the question of how much of it the residents wore out.

If you too are having some of the problems listed above you can always call Mesa Plumbing Company at (480) 832-1660 and get a replacement for a gas, electric or even a tank less water heater that saves you space. You may even want to look into helpful add- ons like the temperature pressure regulators, power vents, heater shut offs etc.

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