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Do you want to drink pure and clean water? If so, get a suitable filtering system for your house. These are available in many types, and choosing a suitable one of them can be difficult. How do you figure out a choice which will be best for your needs? By acting on the advice that we have below.

Assess the water in your house

Before you can pick a suitable filtration system, you must know the issues which the system will have to address. In every house, the quality of the received water varies and accordingly, you will need a system which will be able to address all the issues. Ask your water utility and they will provide you with a quality report. If you want, you can also perform your own tests on the water with a kit or at a lab.

Decide a filter type

As already mentioned, there are many types of filters available in the market. An activated carbon filter is designed for removal of heavy metals, pesticides, parasites and even chlorine. If your home water contains contaminants other than these, you will have to remove them from a different system. As an example, perchlorates are removed by reverse osmosis and distillation eliminates arsenic from water.

We suggest that you should go though the chart which NSF has on their website. This chart outlines all impurities in water and recommends a suitable filtration system. You can use the chart to figure out what you need.

Figure out a suitable location of the filter

A water filtration system is available as a point-of-entry system or a point-of-use system. The former of these filters the water before it enters your pipelines and the latter filters it before you can use it. A point-of-use filter system comprises of a faucet, an under sink model, pour-through pitcher or water bottle. Generally, such systems exist in the form of an under sink or water pitcher model. Under sink models are more effective, but are more expensive as well. Water pitchers also work, but you will have to refill them.

A point-of-use system can usually remove contaminants, whereas a point-of-entry or whole house model is designed for the removal of mineral deposits, odors and tastes. With this system, you will probably require another system to address all your needs.

Purchase an NSF certified system

We recommend that you should opt for a filtration system that has been certified by the NSF system, which will be indicated by a seal on the product. This label ascertains that the system has been contaminated and effectively removes all contaminants present in water.

Examine your current filtration system

If you already have a system, you should examine it first and evaluate if an upgrade is needed. In the past, not many regulations existed and the designed systems did not achieve their purposes effectively. With today’s models, this is not so and the efficiency is much better.

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