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The plumbing pipes located beneath the surface of the Earth are vulnerable. That’s because these pipes can get badly damaged by tree roots. Tree roots gravitate towards sewer and water lines in dry climates, which make it hard to avoid tree root damage to pipes in these areas.

While homeowners can address simple plumbing issues like a clogged drain or sink on their own, tree root damage isn’t something people can fix on their own. That’s because plumbing pipes located underground aren’t easily accessible and special equipment is required to determine issues in these plumbing pipes. Only professional plumbers possess the experience and equipment required to properly diagnose and fix tree root damage to pipes.

Tree root damage can cause a pipe to burst if not repaired on time. Therefore, you should know the warning signs of tree root damage so that you can call a plumber to address the issue before the damage gets worse. You should also know how tree root damage is repaired to ensure that you hire the right plumbers for the job who use the best methods for fixing tree root damage.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate the warning signs of tree root damage and show you how professional plumbers diagnose tree root damage and repair it.

How Tree Root Damage is Diagnosed?

Some warning signs of tree root damage are quite similar to other plumbing issues which make it difficult for homeowners to diagnose tree root damage to pipes. A professional can diagnose the tree root damage properly to determine whether the damage can be repaired or the pipes warrant replacement.

Homeowners can, however, notice a few warning signs of tree root damage themselves. For instance, trees that grow near the water or sewer lines combined with frequent clogs is a definite indication of tree root damage to pipes. Slow drains also indicate that something (like roots of a tree) may be obstructing the water line. If the water doesn’t get drained easily, chances are that tree roots have penetrated your sewer line.

If you notice sinkholes in your yard, you should definitely call a professional to evaluate the problem as sinkholes are a major warning sign of tree root damage.

Sometimes sewage line gets clogged by tree roots so badly that water cannot pass through them and gets back into your home causing a major health risk. If the drain water is coming back into your home, then it is likely because your pipes have become clogged by tree roots.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call a plumber right away. A plumber would use special cameras to diagnose any damage caused by tree roots. By inspecting the damage through the camera and recording the video, plumbers can pinpoint the location of the damage and determine the severity of tree root damage. Knowing what they are up against allows plumbers to create a plan to address the damage caused by tree roots in an effective and efficient manner.

Preventing Tree Root Damage

Tree root damage can lead to costly repairs. Therefore, you should try your best to prevent tree root damage in the first place. There are several things you can do to stop tree roots from reaching your pipes and damaging them. The first thing you must do is determine the location of your sewer and water lines so that you don’t plant trees near them. If you don’t have much space in your garden to plant trees, then only place trees or plants that have short roots. Another thing you can do to prevent damage is use chemical or physical barrier to limit the growth of tree roots and prevent them from reaching your sewer or water lines.

Potassium hydroxide and copper sulfate can be released into the soil to prevent the growth of roots in the soil. Metal or wooden barriers can also be used to protect the pipes from tree root damage.

Fixing Damage Caused by Tree Roots

Plumbers use different methods to repair tree damage depending on how severe the damage is. If there is minimal intrusion of roots, plumbers may consider hydro jetting. With the help of hydro jetting, plumbers can clear the blockage that tree roots have caused.

However, if the tree roots have severely damaged the pipes, plumbers will consider trenchless sewer replacement. In trenchless sewer replacement process, damaged pipes are replaced in a shorter time and at a less cost. In this method, cones are hydraulically moved through plumbing lines, breaking apart damaged pipes. The damage pipes are destroyed and at the same time high-density polyethylene pipes take their place. This is why the process can be completed in a shorter time. The method can also be used to replace cast iron plumbing pipes.

Plumbers first always carefully inspect the pipes with the help of a camera to ensure that they only replace the pipes when there is no other option. If repairs are possible, plumbers won’t use trenchless sewer replacement.

If you think that your pipes may have incurred tree root damage, then call a professional to inspect your pipes today. Professional plumbers at Mesa Plumbing Company can complete an in-line video camera inspection of your plumbing pipes to determine their condition. With the help of video camera inspections, our professional plumbers can determine whether your pipe has suffered tree root damage or there is some other plumbing issue.

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