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Underground water leaks are one of the pesky things that you can never see and the only apparent indication surfaces when it’s too late and your home is probably inhabitable. The good news is that underground water leak detection can be a DIY thing.

The Simple Signs That Tell You, You May have AN Underground Water Leak

  • Unusual Wet Spots or pools of water on concrete that are nowhere near an external water source 9 except for of course the underground pipes).
  • You notice a patch on the ground that is mossy, green or moldy but is surrounded by dryer conditions.
  • A significant drop in water pressure inside your house.
  • You may notice rusty water or dirt in the flowing tap water, there are several reasons for this and one is an underground leak.
  • A certain patch on the lawn that you know is frequently irrigated but is all of a sudden dying. This is probably because sprinkler heads are not providing adequate water because of low water pressure.
  • The water bills are steadily climbing but you do not recall any increased use of water in the house.
  • Paved areas that are starting to crack.
  • Appearance of sink holes and potholes.
  • A leaning structure or leveled grades of the floor.

If you still have not noticed the signs above, it could be because the symptoms are auditory.

Underground pipes that are pressurized may incur leaks that make a range of different sounds. These could be:

  • Clinking noises like pebbles falling off of the pipes.
  • Splashing sounds or Hissing sounds that result from water spraying into a soil cavity.
  • A Whoosh sound that is because of pipe vibration and reducing orifice pressure.

The most common sounds that experts listen for are Hiss and Whoosh; this is because these only occur when the water pressure in pipes is at least 30 psi or more than that. The sound of it will resemble a static noise a lot. The other sounds that are listed here are not always present but they are noticeable. Therefore the first one is one that professionals seek.

Why Do They Make Those Sounds?

An underground leak can cause how loud or how frequently you hear the sounds. There are tons of factors that influence this. A pipes water pressure, the material and diameter of a pipe, the type of soil and compaction around the network of pipes, how deep the pipes are buried, and how you have covered the top surface i.e. concrete, asphalt, lose soil etc.

If you catch an underground water leak you may have just prevented a major disaster from happening inside your home. If you live around Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain hills or any of the other adjoining areas, call Mesa Plumbing Company at (480) 832-1660 and get a quote today.

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