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The climate continues to increase due to global warming and Fountain Hills, Arizona continues to be one of the hottest places in America. To have a good quality of life at home, you need to use your air conditioning systems often. The heat can often become unbearable and even dangerous as heat stroke numbers continue to rise. It is important to stay cool in the summer, but many can’t afford to.

Due to high inflation, energy costs continue to reach high levels as well. Such costs can put a serious dent on your wallet. Despite the financial burden, you may rethink using air conditioning often. One way to have air conditioning while keeping energy bills low is by ensuring that the air conditioning unit you have is working efficiently.

There are some ways to keep the air conditioning unit efficient as recommended by experts in Fountain Hills. If you follow the following tips, you can make sure that you have a good quality of living at home.

1) Suitable Space for the System

Make sure that the unit stays clean as debris in the form of bird feathers, dirt, nests, or other types of trash can damage the air conditioning unit. They clog the filters resulting in improper air ventilation. There needs to be proper air ventilation for efficiency. So, have a few feet cleared around the unit. For this, you can make sure any trees, hedges, plants, or bushes around the air conditioning unit are trimmed.

2) Clean Filters

If air filters are dirty, it can cause slow air circulation. These clogs and blocks for air mean an inefficient air conditioning. Such dust, dirt, or mold can also affect the quality of air in the house causing health issues and unpleasant smells. Clean them often or get an air conditioning service to change them after some time.

3) Shade

The heat of the sun can actually hinder the cooling process as it can take more energy to cool the air in the house. Use shade from a tree or install a cover over the system to ensure that it is working in the shade as that can increase efficiency by 25%. If you do use tree shade make sure that no leaves will fall on the air conditioning unit causing clogging.

4) Insulate Ducts

You can save a lot of energy if the ducts of the air conditioning systems are properly sealed. Experts often recommend using fiberglass insulation as that can keep out heat and trap the cold air inside the ducts. Insulation can actually decrease the costs of air conditioning by 17%, which means that you save money on energy bills.

5) Ventilation Fans

These need to be working at maximum as it can impact the airflow within the system. They keep the air flowing in the system, which means that the whole room stays at a desirable temperature. If they bump together or are closed, you call for local air conditioning repair from Fountain Hills to inspect your unit.

6) Windows and Doors Should Be Closed

A lot of cool air can escape from open doors and windows. If for some reason you want the windows open, make sure that the air conditioning unit is switched off to reduce energy waste.

7) Adjust Settings

When you aren’t home or are sleeping, it is probably a good idea to raise the temperature for cooling. Increasing temperature when cooling isn’t required means that energy for cooling isn’t wasted. For every degree you increase, you end up saving more on energy costs.

8) Ceiling Fans

To circulate cool air around the room, ceiling fans can help a lot. The air conditioning will not have to work twice as hard to circulate the air. Since fans don’t use that much energy, it can mean low waste and costs. Ceiling fans also help keep the room cool on their own, which can mean that you can raise the degrees on the thermostat.

9) Attics

If the attics are cool, it can mean that the house is much cooler. Most homes now have energy efficient and insulated roofs to keep the heat out during summer. If you don’t have that, you must keep the attic insulated or cooler so that the heat from the sun doesn’t raise the internal temperature of the home. You can ensure that attics are cool by having proper air ventilation in the room. This can be done simply by opening windows. You can also use a box fan in the attic for this.

10) Windows

Windows can let in a lot of heat or hot air if they are facing the sun. So, make sure that all such windows have blinds or curtains. This will block the sunlight from entering and increasing the temperature. If you open the windows in the attic to decrease internal home temperatures, make sure that the attic is insulated to keep the cool air from escaping.

11) Specialized Controls

Nowadays, air conditioning units allow you to install zoning systems. This means that every room can have its own temperature regulator. Spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, or rooms not in use can be places where air conditioning units do not need to be working at full capacity. Increase the temperatures of such rooms and reduce energy waste.

12) Insulate Home

There can be many air leaks occurring around the house such as under doorways, around windows, or from the attic. Make sure to insulate them and prevent the cool air from escaping. These air leaks can cause your air conditioning unit to overwork resulting in high energy costs.

13) Maintenance

Air conditioning systems do need maintenance often. Experts recommend calling an expert regularly to check your system. Simple things like broken components can cause damages if they are neglected so fix such small issues immediately. If you get your air conditioning unit inspected often, it can mean saving costs in the long run.

To make sure your air conditioning system is running efficiently call experts to maintain and repair your system. They can inspect the whole unit for any issues that it may have, resulting in a better standard of living.

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