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Water temperature and pressure regulators are devices that help to protect the entire area or home plumbing systems from excessive water heating and pressure damage. This is done by allowing users to reduce the incoming pressures in the main pipelines as well as the overheating problems that can sometimes arise in hot seasons.

For this reason, almost every water heater comes with a “temperature pressure relief valve”. This valve works by safely releasing water at the same time relieving any pressure present and works the same for high temperatures. These valves are very important in every water heater. If you don’t maintain them well enough, your water heater can turn into a pressurized bomb.

According to many water based companies, if not given due attention to pressure and temperature regulators, then water heaters can explode with the exact force as one pound heavy dynamite, which will equally cause significant damage and also destroy your home. With temperature pressure regulators, you can reduce this risk by 60%. However, what happens when the pressure and temperature regulators are not working efficiently in detecting any anomalies?

Here’s how you can detect bad temperature and pressure regulators in water heaters.

Water Leaks

If the TR regulator starts to leak when it never used to, it means you haven’t renovated your plumbing lines in a long time, and probably that’s the reason why the regulator isn’t working as efficiently as it used to. As regulators get older, sometimes they get cracks, which result in leaks.

Regulators are not so expensive; however, replacing them for most homeowners is a problem. Sometimes, unscrewing them is not that easy, and you may need a long wrench to pull off the job swiftly. At other times, you may just have to call in our professionals from Mesa Plumbing.

If you are handling the replacement on your own, first turn off the electricity or gas supply to the tank, and ensure that you drain just enough water below from the regulator level. Once you handle this, replacing it with the new one won’t be a problem. Other ways of detecting bad regulators include:

  1. Find the pressure and temperature relied valve on the water heater. It could either be on the top or side of the water heater. Usually this valve is made of bronze or brass and has a small lever for testing attached on its top. If you toggle this lever and the regulator is working fine, it will drain out the pressurized water from the bottom through a CPVC drain pipe.
  2. Try to feel along the valve drain and regulator line. Usually it feels cool when you touch it except when the regulator has problems. If the drain line feels excessively hot, it means there’s some problem with the valve and regulator, and it needs immediate replacement.
  3. You can also lift the lever on the relief valve, which should release some amount of hot water and steam from the heater. If the lever does not release any steam or hot water, it means you need to replace it.

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