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We all have been taught that fossil fuel is a limited resource and that it can take up to millions of years for it to be processed. By the time this resource generates again, who knows which generation may be digging up soil only to find our fossils. Sun light (solar energy), however, is an unlimited resource that can be used for many different purposes and to avail benefits.

How it Works

When Mesa Plumbing installs the solar water heater, we also install a solar panel so that the panel can absorb sunlight. When the sunlight touches the panel, a special heating liquid is heated up. A pump then helps the liquid to be transported through to the heat exchanger. The thermal energy carried by the liquid is transmitted through the liquid to the storage tank. The energy then helps the water in the storage tank to heat up so that it can be used for different purposes.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to the use of solar energy. One of the benefits you give by using solar energy is the conservation of the precious fossil fuel. Here are the benefits solar energy gives you:

  • Free Energy
  • Endless Amounts of Consumption
  • No Carbon-Dioxide emitted during the device’s operational period
  • A Modern and Efficient System
  • Solar powered systems can easily be integrated within the current existing system in any household

Extra Heating Support

In addition to the domestic heating system that you already have, the special heating liquid which can be found in the containers of the solar heating system provides support when it comes to heating water. This allows you as a residential owner to save massive amounts of money on energy and electricity bills, as 60% water heating is done by the solar heating system alone. In short, this means that you do not have to turn your geezer on; the solar heating system is enough.

This is possible due to the combination cylinder that is combined to the domestic hot water unit. One of the cylinders will be heated through the solar radiation that the fluid contains via the lower heat exchanger. Since many individuals prefer their time in showers under the running hot water, when the solar heated water ends, the second cylinder is automatically switched on, and vice-versa.

Fast, Safe, and Easy Installation

In terms of handling and installation, experts who have been working with Mesa Plumbing for quite some time handle all the panels. These individuals are given certified training and take courses to make sure that there is absolutely no chance of anything going wrong. The overall work with the heating system is fast, safe, and easy. We can install the system, regardless of whether you want it fitted horizontally or vertically. Our expert installers know how to save your precious time, efforts, and save you from excessive water heating worries.

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