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When it comes understanding the relevant details of plumbing related services, many think it is a simple job that requires people working in uniforms and repairing leaking pipes and playing with tools. However this is not the case necessarily, as plumbing involves deep study of materials and equipments that require proper guidance and mentorship.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive techniques a plumber is able to deliver that distinguished them from the competition and hence strengthen their image as an expert plumber.

Hi-Pressure Jetting and Cleaning

Also known as ‘Hydro cleaning’, this is one service that only professionals in the field can handle. Hi-Pressure Jetting and cleaning requires well guided usage of equipments s such as:

  • Wash and Flush systems
  • Cold Water High Pressure Blasters
  • Safe operator Protective clothing
  • & high pressure cleaning equipment accessories

Hi-Pressure Jetting and cleaning involves water that is propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. This is done by pressurizing the water to create a strong enough force clean chewing gums and other sticky material form sidewalks, paint form walls, rubber debris on airport runways, and membranes, including sealants from concrete surfaces.

Orangeburg Pipe Elimination

It was in the late 1940s that Orangeburg pipe came to be used as pipeline material to carry or deliver water, often sold for sewer and drain uses. However it was soon to be replaces by PVC and ABS pipes as most of the Orangeburg Pipes that boasted 50 years of product life would often fail well below 10 years after installation. Orangeburg pipe elimination is a service that only professionals in the field of plumbing can cater to. This process requires video inspections and often digging up holes in the ground to discover the problem. Thus making the job itself extremely delicate and specialized, which few can handle.

Sewer Ejection System

Sewer ejection system or also know as solid waste pumps or sewage and sanitary pumps that help in resolving issues such as stoppage of waste flow in public or private toilets below the sewer line. The system consists of:

  • A specialized tank made from corrosion free material such as fiberglass or polythene with a sealed, watertight lid.
  • An electrical pump and an inside motor with a horsepower of ½ which is used to activate the pump.
  • A discharge pipe which is generally 2 inches in diameter.
  • Optional alarm system that elevates the seriousness of a problem if it gets detected byb the system.

As you can see so far it’s a contemporary system that has the ability to pump large pieces of solid matter without clogging. Such machinery requires professional hands to run it and a good deal of experience to master it as well. Sewer Ejection Systems are a specialty to plumber’s line of trade and it also distinguishes them from competition.

For more related professional services and specialized plumbing solutions you can visit the Mesa Plumbing Company.

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