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Sewer lines, especially those in commercial areas are prone to drain blockages caused due to the accumulation and buildup of grease, sand, debris and sludge. When main sewer lines begin to become clogged, the problem starts reaching the other side. This is where high pressure water jetting comes in. while the more common method of cleaning sewer lies in Chandler is by the use of Cable machines it isn’t as effective as jetting. This is because cables only bore holes through the sludge in order to create a pathway but do not clean out the accumulated debris on the sides.

How Does It Work?

High pressure water jetting is the most effective method of cleaning out sewer lines. Sewer jetting is not only safe but also economically and environmentally friendly. Making use of nothing but simple water, flexible hoses and pumps are used in order to propel water at the sewage in varying amounts of pressure. Even the toughest sludge buildup can be broken down by jetting which makes use of special nozzles at the end of pipes allowing forward and reverse jets projecting concentrated water streams across the walls of the pipes.

Who Needs It?

Sewer jetting services in Chandler are especially important for commercial buildings and restaurants where there is an increased buildup of grease and sludge. In fact, sink blockages are fairly common in restaurants and need specialized cleaning and control. Commercial buildings, especially restaurants need to focus on having clean sewer lines, not only to keep the system working efficiently but also to maintain hygiene.

If regular sewer cleanings are not scheduled, it may lead to a backing up of the sewer system causing your drains and toilet sot overflow which will then become a much larger problem to deal with. To ensure that this does not happen, ask for professional help and get suggestions on how to deal with the situation.

What You Can Do?

While you need to rely on professionals for your sewer cleaning requirements, you can even do some maintenance at your end. The use of measured chemical cleaners administered on drains along with effective methods of cleansing, restaurateurs can make sure that the grease and sludge is broken down. Use of chemicals however must be done after consultation from a professional. It is also recommended that non-acidic drain solutions are used since they may burn holes into the pipes. Additionally, they are not even as effective as they re-solidify on their way down and cause worse clogs.

Get Professional Help

When it comes to draining sewer lines using state of the art technology, the best way to go is to get help from a professional. Not only do they have up to date information regarding what steps you can take but they can help you get rid of all blockage and sewer line problems in Chandler.

The Mesa Plumbing Company is one of the leading companies when it comes to sewer line cleaning and maintenance. Having been in business since 1949, their experience and expertise comes in handy to restaurateurs and commercial building owners looking for effective solutions.

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