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Installing a water heater in a trailer can be quite a complicated task; this is why it is best that you know about some facts before you begin with the installation process. Not only is it important to measure the entire space available for the new heater, which you must know comes in different shapes and sizes, but you will also have to ensure that you purchase the right one for your trailer. Here are some things that you should know or consider about water heaters for trailers.

#1: Is The Heater Approved For Trailer Use?

If the water heater is approved for use in trailer or mobile homes, it will have a safety approval seal from HUD. If you end up purchasing one that isn’t suitable for trailers, or against the law, this will void the warranty of the manufacturer. At the end, insurance companies may refuse to terminate your coverage or pay claims. To avoid this problem, ensure that you only buy a water heater that is manufactured specifically for trailers.

#2: Is It An Electric Or Gas Water Heater?

Before you install a water heater in your trailer, you have to know which one will work better. If you end up purchasing one that isn’t suitable for your mobile home, you will have to spend a lot more on the replacement or repair costs. Also, ensure that you look at the electrical converting, and if the heater comes with that option. Sometimes, the electric panel may not be able to support the electric heater you have bought, in which case you will have to go for the other option, which is the gas water heater.

You should note that many trailers come with natural gas and propane connections, but be sure of this feature in the one you buy. You don’t want to buy one that won’t be of any use or you will be stuck with the wrong heater type.

#3: Do You Know The Operating Costs?

Before you buy a heater, it is best that you first research a little on the available options on water heaters for your trailer. Usually, you have to consider two things, the cost of operating and the cost of purchase. Most times, the electric water heaters for trailers are less expensive than the gas ones. The standard units are less expensive as compared to the sealed combustion ones. In the long run, installing an electric water heater can help you to save money, especially with the energy efficient ones, which help to conserve energy.

#4: Is The Water Heater Space Enough?

To make sure that the water heater fits perfectly well into the trailer space, you have to take precise measurements. Take note of the door frame sizes, which are sometimes smaller than the heater closets (the inside). Also check where the gas valve is located, and where the water supply lines go out. Keeping an eye on these will help you to install the water heater properly.

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