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It is very difficult for all the sewerage to drain down the sewerage line even if the source is just at the same level. This limitation is due to elevated municipal sewerage lines and the black water requires a certain amount of pressure to be transported. Here is where Sewer Ejection Pumps are most useful.

Sewerage Grinder pumps, commonly known as Sewerage Ejector Pumps, are made to serve the mentioned purpose. Even at homes, for the toilets situated in the basement, these pumps are required and recommended.

Following are a few points to consider in order to make sure that your sewerage Grinder pump is maintained and is working properly.

Check for the Alarms

If your sewerage pumps alarm goes on make sure that you immediately turn down all the appliances, flush, and etc. This is a clear indication that your pump is malfunctioning and the there are chances of sewerage back up.

Look out for rising black water in the flush

It is very crucial to understand that you cannot turn on or off your sewerage grinder pump. Otherwise, the rising water would increase due to increase in the pressure. This happens if air or waste product has stuck in the drain. You should manually solve the issue before directly seeking help from the pump. It would be of no use then.

Take certain precautions

Make sure that you are very careful while handling your sewerage grinder pump. If you would lift the pump through its wiring, the setting would be badly disturbed. It is advisable to lift the pump by its handle to avoid dismantling of the entire wiring system.

Oil the machinery

Although there is a lot of fluid movement through the pump, you should still oil the entire machinery to ensure fluent movements of its parts. Oiling helps the machinery to stay lubricated and hence increased its efficiency by several folds.

Protect your Sewerage Grinder Pump

Your pump needs to be protected as well. Normally, it is observed that your sewerage lines can easily get stuck by the carelessness of the users. This causes clogged sewerage lines. Once the lines are blocked, it will be impossible for your sewerage pump to move out black water. Things that are extremely detrimental for your pump are baby wipes. Debris, dental floss, cat litter, condoms, cigarettes, glass fragments, hair, cotton buds, etc.

If the problem still persists, you can contact the best plumbing service in the area.

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