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A no salt water softener is also known in the industry as the salt free water softener, salt less water softener or a descaler. Whichever name you use for the system, the purpose is the same: preventing hard water from your scaling your pipes without using any salts as demanded by a traditional water softener system. Instead, a no salt water softening system, uses other technologies to prevent precipitates from forming. These include magnetic treatment, filtration and electrical pulses.

How is a salt less water softening system different?

A saltless water softening system is different from the traditional water softening system in the sense that it does not use any salts, which we have already mentioned. In terms if functioning, a traditional salt water system completely removes the hard ions from water. A no salt water softening system does no remove the ions but softens them. As such, no waste is produced and the purpose is also served. No precipitation occurs in the pipes, and they are not clogged. Some of these softening systems can also remove the existing scale in the pipes. If you touch this water, you are not going to find it any different. However the treated water from a conventional water conventional system feels smooth on the hand, and some define it as even oily and silky.

As far as technology is concerned, every brand uses a different one. Most of these are based on electronic pulse transmission which prevents the formation or precipitates.

Why should you make the switch

A traditional water softener which uses salt for functioning is effective in terms of the fact that magnesium, calcium and other hard ions are completely removed from the water. So why did saltless water softener systems come into being? Because conventional softening methods are dependent of salt, which produces wastewater in the process. This wastewater has to be disposed of carefully so that the environment is not subjected to any risks.

And is it right for you?

So you like trying out new products and technology? A salt free water softener is a great choice for you if:

  • If you want to reduce your expenses. Traditional soft water system use salt; if the supply finishes, the system stop functioning until you load more salt into the tank. This incurs cost and leads to inconvenience. You can avoid this buying a salt free water softener.
  • You are conscious about the environment. A salt based water softening systems produces waste product that possess a threat to the environment. This is not the case with a salt free water softening system since the hard ions are not completely removed.
  • You live in a region where a ban has been put on conventional water softening systems. For some areas, this is true, because the waste product cannot be disposed off until it has been treated, which leads to extensive costs.
  • You want to drink healthy water. Hard water is good for your health; calcium and magnesium are utilized by your body.

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