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Mesa Plumbing has been an expert in the field since 1949. We provide services to not just one but plenty of different industries.

Property Managers

You might be due for your tenant’s repairs and maintenance round. Land owners and property managers are almost always burdened with calls from their tenants about a leak, a flooded basement, water heaters that refuse to work, or a clogged drain. If you have a building than it is possible that the plumbing network goes through its fair share of wear and tear.

But what if it is an emergency and you cannot get away from your current engagement? All rental property owners have an obligation towards the tenants that they are supposed to ensure that the place of residence is safe and therefore habitable. Part of that legally covers taking responsibility for things that go amiss with the showers, bathtubs, toilets and the sinks. You need to also ensure that the right amount of water is provided; if there is a leak in the system then this won’t be possible. To make all of this possible the property that you own needs to go through a process of sanitary sewer installs and repairs.

The Food Service Industry

A properly operating plumbing and drain system is critical in cafeterias, restaurants, and several other food service establishments. The urinals and toilets need to flush away the drains, sinks and waste. Make sure that there is water for main taps and services that you provide without any interruption. For dishwashing and cleaning purposes hot water will be required.

During peak times if one of the patrons discovers a plumbing problem, that’s a key ingredient to the recipe for disaster.

A lot of food service industries make use of backflow devices that help prevent cross connections between non potable water and drinking water. These devices are required to be inspected on a yearly basis to ensure smooth operations. Mesa Plumbing does quick checks and fixes all repairs including backflow valve repairs that your establishment may require. For example there are tons of hidden leaks that the owner may not be able to notice, and with time these turn into bigger problems.


Hotels are required to give their guests a plumbing service that meets their needs during the entire stay. Guests demand water that tastes good, is clean and hot enough to shower with and shave. But it should not be too hot that you risk the guest getting scalded. They expect at least sanitation wise everything to be in top notch condition.

With so many people under one roof it can be very easy to have the front desk flooded with plumbing service requests.

So what are you still waiting for, if you are due on your maintenance round and live near Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan, Tempe, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills or any other adjoining area, call at (480) 832-1660 to get a quote and fulfill all your emergency plumbing service needs.

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