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Mobile homes are those homes that are designed, fabricated and constructed at a factory and are then transferred to the required location. This is the reason the maintenance, especially during winters, of these homes needs to be given proper attention.

Winters have the ability to create a nuisance with respect to the plumbing in a mobile home. In order to prepare your mobile home for the upcoming season it is essential that you take a few steps for preventive maintenance.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind once you begin your mobile home maintenance.

Leveled Home

One of the most essential things that a mobile home owner needs to do is to make sure that the home is leveled in a uniform manner. An improper or imbalanced home leveling can most likely result in cracks in the wall and the ceiling or a squeaking of the floor when you walk on it.

Fixtures and Faucets

It is wise to invest in hardware like fixtures, faucets and handles that are specifically suited to a mobile home. These things may not appear as important, but adjusting your mobile home according to the foundation will only make your time in this place worthwhile. Another valuable tip is to check for dried out rings; they may be the cause of faucet leaks.

Adequate Skirting

Home skirting in a mobile home is important to be looked after. This skirting should be carefully maintained so that you have an adequate venting space. The lack of maintenance of the skirting results in almost zero ventilation, can prove to be highly dangerous.

Exterior Maintenance

Regularly cleaning the exterior of the mobile home is also a form of maintenance that should be adhered to. Cleaning up of the exterior also gives you chance to look for any scratches, wear or tears that can worsen if not attended to on time. Use a power washer, which is attached to a long rod with a sponge at the end of it to clean hard to reach spaces. In addition, make sure you flush out the water heaters!

Gutters, Traps and Leaks

If you have neglected your mobile home for a while, the rain gutters and pipes might have been frozen or damaged. If there are holes and leaks present in these gutters and pipes prior to your moving in, get them fixed immediately. Make sure that these gutters are slanted so that the water “runs” away from the mobile home. Fill up the traps and turn the water slowly so that the pipes don’t crack. Have a reliable maintenance service check this area for repairing downspouts or extensions.

Mesa Plumbing Company has been in business since 1949, which proves that our organization has a great deal of experience when it comes to plumbing and maintenance. We specialize in Mobile Home Plumbing, as our team of experts is not only highly qualified, but also highly experienced. Our services are highly efficient and also affordable.

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