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As spring approaches, there is so much to look forward to. The warm weather, the leaves of the trees, green lawn and outdoor activities; all resonate with the season. But as you change your wardrobe and keep away your winter coats and gloves, remember that some things at home also need to be changed. A little maintenance in the house as soon as spring arrives can keep your house in great shape for rest of the year. Read on to find out about top 10 maintenance tips which will save you from costly repairs throughout the year.

Maintenance Tip # 1: Inspection of the Gutters and Clearing up the Downspouts

Downspouts are vertical pipes which are connected to the gutter. Often installed at the sides of the house, downspouts redirect water and carry it away from the house. As the weather changes, downspouts can get clogged due a number of reasons. Dry leaves and sticks can gather in the gutters and clog them. This occurs especially if you don’t have screens installed over the gutters. So as Spring approaches, it is a good idea to clear the downspouts. This will allow the rain water to smooth go down the drain. If you are not sure how to clear up the downspouts, it is a good idea to seek services of a professional plumber. A trained plumber will clear the gutters and downspout without damaging them.

Maintenance Tip # 2: Keep the Vents Covered

The sewer line in the house is connected to the municipal sewer line. Prior to 1970, cast iron or galvanized steel pipes were used in the construction of the houses. Overtime, these pipes would corrode. As a solution to this problem, most homes today are constructed using PVC pipes. These pipes do not corrode however, they can clog over time. This affects the transportation of sewer water from your home to the public sewer line.

Some of the common causes of clogs in the sewer line include inclusions from the tree. The roots of the tree can penetrate in the lines and cause clogs. Another potential problem which leads to clogged drains is animal nesting in the vents. To avoid both these problems, it is important to keep the vents covered. You can easily find a screen to cover the vent. But if you are not sure which screen to use, you can take suggestions from a professional plumber.

Maintenance Tip # 3: Inspection of the Roof

The roof of the house is the first thing which is affected by the weather. Winters in some parts of the country are harsh and this can damage your roof. A damaged roof can result in leaks and wet spots on the ceilings and walls. So as Spring approaches, it is a good idea to get your roof inspected. This will help prevent potential leaks which can cost you in terms of repair and maintenance.

Maintenance Tip #4: Ensure There is No Freeze Damage

As mentioned earlier, winters can be a difficult season when it comes to plumbing fixtures. In case the water in the pipes freezes, this can result in internal pressure on the pipes. If the problem is persistent, repeated freezing of water in the pipes can cause them to burst or leak. As the weather changes, you can inspect the pipes and other plumbing fixtures for potential leaks. If you notice a decrease in the water pressure or pinpoint a specific leak, it is a good idea to contact a professional plumber.

The low temperature is not only damaging for the plumbing fixtures inside the house but can also affect the plumbing fixtures installed outdoors. Make sure you check the hose faucets. To check for damage, turn on the faucet and place your thumb on the opening. In case you can stop the water flow from your thumb, it is highly likely that the pipe is damaged. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to seek services of a professional plumber.

Maintenance Tip # 5: Replace Air Filters

An air filter is a critical component of every home furnace. For effective functioning of the HVAC system, it is recommended that the air filter should be replaced once every three months. But if you haven’t changed the filter yet, don’t worry. Now is the good time to change the air filters. A clean air filter helps maintain the air quality in the house by restricting the flow of dust particles. At the same time, a clean air filter improves the functioning of your HVAC system. Changing the air filter often does not require professional assistance, but if you are not sure about how to do it, it is a good idea to contact a licensed electrician.

Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year. However, to make the most of it, it is important to invest in some basic maintenance. Just like an oil change keeps the car run smoothly, some basic Spring maintenance will keep your house in great shape throughout the year.

With an industry experience of over 40 years, Mesa Plumbing Company  is the company of choice. Numerous homeowners trust us to keep their homes maintained through all different seasons of the year. From maintenance to replacement, we can help take care of all your plumbing and remodeling needs. To know more about our services, call now at 480-832-1660 or visit our website.

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