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Garbage Disposals, also known as a food waste disposer is typically installed with the kitchen sink and allows you to manage the food waste in your home. Most households in San Tan now have opted for garbage disposals in order to meet the food waste needs of their homes. Garbage disposals are convenient, efficient and eco friendly. Since there is no bagged trash in the house, there is little chance of having unwanted pests, odors or insects within the home additionally, they reduce the impact on the environment since the food is no longer collected in landfills which contribute to the ever increasing greenhouse gases.

When it comes to mobile homes in San Tan, some individuals are skeptical of installing a garbage disposal system. Since most mobile homes are connected to a septic tank, they refrain from installing garbage disposals which may have a strain on the system. Some claim that since the septic tank has trouble in breaking down uneaten food, a garbage disposal in inadvisable. The biggest concern however, is that the septic tank may not have the capacity to handle the waste from the garbage disposal. While these concerns are valid, there is no reason not to install a garbage disposal if your septic tank is of considerable size and pumped when needed. You must however, take care not to throw any non-biodegradable items into the garbage disposal.

When choosing a garbage disposal for your mobile home in San Tan, make sure you consider these factors;

How Often Will You Use It?

Depending on how much you’re going to use the garbage disposal you can ascertain what size you can opt for. For infrequent use, a smaller cheaper model may be apt.

The Septic System

The septic system is a factor which needs to be considered when installing a garbage disposal system. This however does not mean that you don’t install one at all. There are some models available on the market which are optimized for use in mobile homes and are especially designed to reduce the impact that they may have on a septic system.

How Much Room Do You Have Under The Sink?

The horsepower of the garbage disposal is directly proportional to its size. Mobile homes typically do not have much space under the sink which means that you may have to opt for a smaller model. Garbage disposals also require more room around them so they can have enough space in order to vibrate less, cause lesser noise and avoid leaks.

Ask for Professional Help

When looking for a garbage disposal unit for your mobile home, it’s best to ask for professional advice first.

The Mesa Plumbing Company has expertise in not only the installation but also the repair and maintenance of garbage disposal systems. Established since 1949, they can draw on the wisdom accumulated through experience in order to give you the best advice on which kind of garbage disposal system to install in your mobile home and get the most out of it.

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