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The job of fixing a problem in your garbage disposal unit is actually quite simple if the person doing the job is well equipped and has the right knowledge on the subject. After all, the most important part responsible for the smooth running of the kitchen is the garbage disposal unit.

Some problems are more complex however, and therefore should only be attempted by a trained and certified professional. Regardless, homeowners won't know when to call a professional, or to fix the unit themselves if they don't seem to know if there is any problem at all. By the time one figure out that their garbage disposal unit it not working as it is supposed to, it may already be too late. Here's how homeowners can know whether their unit is broken or not.

When there’s too much noise

The most common problem associated with garbage disposal units is that they make a lot of noise when being used. Every time you turn the machine on, the sounds you'll hear may vary from a rattle to a grinding sound which often occurs due to a metal object inside the unit, which is obstructing the machine from working properly. This can be easily fixed, by removing the object with appropriate tools so that the wheels of the machinery start spinning again.

When nothing happens

The second most experienced problem that homeowners face is when they turn on the disposal unit and nothing happens, and not even a whirring or humming sound comes out. The reason of this might be that enough power is not getting into the disposal unit. The culprit behind this problem may either be a change in the settings of the unit, or the circuit breaker might be off. Both can be easily dealt with, but if the problem still persists that signals a bigger problem which can only be fixed by a professional.

Humming sound, but not working

The last problem that homeowners can encounter with their garbage disposal units is when the unit doesn't seem to work, even though it sounds as it the machine is working. This happens when the wrong kinds of food is pushed through the disposal, due to which the machinery gets jammed. To fix this problem you will have to hire a professional, or will need to simply replace the garbage disposal unit with a more powerful one.


It’s not a big deal when your garbage disposal unit breaks down, or clogs because such a problem can be easily fixed but because the unit itself is attached to the most used sink in the home i.e. the kitchen's it is important to have the unit running smoothly.

Now homeowners can have their garbage disposal units repaired and installed by the Mesa Plumbing Company. Call for a quote today!

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