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One of the most important factors that attribute to a positive environment of a home or business is its cleanliness. In order to maintain a clean environment, it is essential to have a suitable and efficient garbage/waste disposal. Litter can be harmful to the people and the surroundings if not taken care of in a proper manner.

A garbage disposal is an innovative device used to keep a kitchen clean and contribute positively to the environment by minimizing food scraps in landfills by shredding the food waste into small pieces so that they can pass through plumbing easily. They are generally powered electrically and are placed under the sink between the trap and the drain.

Depending on your home or office requirements, here are a few things to consider before investing in a reliable garbage disposal system.

Types of Garbage Disposal Systems

Usually, there are not many varieties of this system available in the market. However, your home based or business based needs vary, which is why, you can choose amongst four general types.

The Continuous Feed Disposer

The continuous feed disposers are more commonly used than any other type. They are placed under the sink and are waste is placed in these units after it has been started, resulting in an efficient and quick grinding result.

Batch Feed Disposer

Batch feed disposers work by placing waste in the unit before it has been started. They have a simple installation technique and are generally safer than continuous feed disposers are.

Septic Tank Disposer

As the name suggests, this kind is specified only to septic tanks and is equipped with additional features to breakdown food waste.

Dishwasher Disposer

A number of dishwashers have this disposer included within the dishwasher unit to get rid of small food particles. It can be added on as an external unit with the help of professionals as well.

Before The Final Buy

Once you have decided on the type of garbage disposal you want for your home or business, there are two essential factors to keep in mind before the final purchase, the local laws and regulations and the sewer system.

Once you have established sewer system compatibility with the garbage disposal system of your choice, you can make the following considerations while purchasing.

  • Connections between dishwasher and the drain
  • Area of the sink
  • Rust proof blades, preferably stainless steel
  • Ease of Installation and use
  • Reliable and efficient performance
  • Noise and Frequency of usage
  • Warranty and add-on features

After the Final Buy- Maintenance

Generally, there is no rigorous maintenance regime required for a garbage disposal. However, there are simple steps one can follow to ensure an efficient performance and to avoid potential damages.

  • Use biodegradable food waste
  • Use cold water while running
  • Avoid using the unit as a trash bin
  • Be gradual in food waste feeding, over feeding can result in blockages
  • Sharpen the disposer teeth regularly
  • Get rid of unruly odor with natural materials

The Mesa Plumbing Company has been one of the pioneering organizations for effective and reliable techniques for garbage disposal. Being in the running since 1949 has increased the efficient performance of our services.

Our experts, technicians and plumbers are highly experienced and confident in their ability to install, repair or service a number of different brands of garbage disposers. One of the best parts of collaborating with Mesa Plumbing Company is that we not only have the best available service, but some of the best available prices. Contact us today on (480) 832-1660!

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