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In the drain lines of commercial sinks, you will find a grease trap that goes through the drainage lines. These traps have a unique design that helps to catch oil and fat that runs down the sink drain. If you don’t maintain your drainage systems, then there is a great risk of major blockages in the plumbing systems of your homes. In warm weather conditions, the grease would remain liquid, but when the cold winters come, you will face serious clogging and backlog problems.

Ideally, you would pour some hot water down the drain to get rid of the particles, but in places like restaurants and cafés, this might not be the best solution. Sometimes, you just have to call professionals to unblock the drains. You might wonder, what are the common problems that grease pipes have and when should you call a professional? Here’s an overview:

Water Blocking

An obvious sign that you will notice is the slow passage of water down the sink. If this happens, then it is a clear sign that there is a clog in the grease pipe. In most situations, the over loaded grease pipes allow unwanted particles to slip down in to the drains and this causes a major block in the whole drainage system of the sink. To eliminate this issue, you will have to call expert sanitizers, who will ensure that they remove all the particles without further damaging the grease trap.

Clog in the Incoming Lines

If there’s a block in the incoming pipelines, then it will immediately cause a block in the main drainage pipe. It will eventually lead to water backup. A backed up drain means that the main line that passes through the grease trap is blocked.

Clog in the Outgoing Lines

If you notice a clog in the outgoing lines, then it is a sign that the grease traps will soon overflow from both of its compartments. The clog might be in the main drainage lines. If you don’t pump the waste in the lines, then there is a great chance that the grease lines will damage permanently and you will need to replace them.

Complete Grease Trap

A complete grease trap will result when you don’t call an expert to remove the primary compartment and get it cleaned on time. If that happens, the water will spill in to the secondary compartment and block water from moving through the outgoing pipelines. To be sure, that the grease traps are loading up with grease and particles, open its lid, and immerse a pole through to the depth. If the pole reaches to the bottom, then it is clear that the grease trap is full.

Replace or Repair

If you try out all the possible solutions to remove the grease from traps and you don’t succeed, then don’t waste time and call the professionals at Mesa Plumbing Company in San Tan. We are skilled and deal with all kind of drainage/sewage problems, offering various maintenance services for pipelines and drainage systems too.

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