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Fire hydrants are the primary source of water for fire and safety departments when faced with a fire emergency. A fire hydrant system basically comprises of a high pressure water supply with ample force and flow which combats fires through strategically placed networks of valves.

When locating to a commercial building or setting up your own private business such as a restaurant in Queen Creek, it is important to locate the fire hydrant nearest to you. In fact most people overlook the fact that the location of a fire hydrant should be a concern when choosing a location for your business.

While businesses may take their own safety precautions by use of fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers, these measures fall short in dire situations.

Fire Hydrant Care

Just having a fire hydrant near your location isn’t enough assurance that you will receive immediate help. Unfortunately many fire hydrants are non-functional or damaged. Check up on the fire hydrant and make sure that it is in working order. If you see a damaged or rusted fire hydrant, make sure to report it to the relevant authorities. Additionally, you can even get professional help and contact a plumbing company.

The reason that fire hydrants suffer so much wear and tear is that there is no one looking after them. If you are located near a fire hydrant then you should take care of it and make sure it does not suffer from any kind of damage. There have been many occasions in which firefighters have arrived at the scene only to find that the fire hydrant has been covered by bushes, hedges, or snow. This delays service to people in danger putting their lives further at risk.

Components of a Fire Hydrant

A working fire hydrant in Queens Creek typically consists of the following parts:

Water Supply

Water supply needs to be derived from a reliable source which will not run out such as the street’s main supply or a dam. There should also be storage which should keep supply in reserve in cases of drought, leakage or evaporation.

Pipe work

There should be reliable pipe work installed in order to direct the water from the supply to the fire hydrant itself.


The booster is the point of contact which the fire brigade can use to provide additional water in emergency situations. The booster should be located in a place where I can be accessed immediately and is typically mounted in a cabinet.

Booster Pumpset

In cases where the water supply pressure isn’t adequate, a booster pumpset needs to be installed to compensate.


This is the actual end point of the entire system where the fire personnel can access the water supply.

Block Plan

This will be a diagram provided within the booster cabinet and will illustrate the main features of the system which includes information regarding the network of pipes, the storage supply, the location of pumps and the pressure and flow ratings. Other technical information may also include year of installation, electrical control room location, flammable storage locations and the name of the fire hydrant installer.

The Mesa Plumbing Company is one of the oldest plumbing organizations working towards the improvement of fire hydrant systems. If you have any problems regarding fire hydrants in your location or any other related issue, the Mesa Plumbing company will draw on their experience and expertise in order to provide you with the best solutions.

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