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Let’s face it. We all know when our drain is going to be clogged. There are always signs waving at our faces, but we desperately and deliberately try to look over that. Do you not remember when sometimes your sink smells bad and water pools around? These are the tell tale signs that we choose to ignore.

If, due to your sheer ignorance your drains have been clogged, there are a few things that you can do to get yourself out of this mess.

Remove the Gunk the in Pipes

Although the drains are covered, small food grains, hair and dirt particles get stuck in the pipe. Due to constant drainage of used water, this forms a waxy layer of gunk around the mouths of a pipe. This waxy layer is basically the reason your drains get clogged. You can simply be careful that none of the mentioned items enter the drain, and if they do, just remove them immediately.

Pump it through a Hand Plunger

Fill your sink with hot tap water. Then you have to position the plunger over the drain. If you have a sink with two openings, place a cloth over the unclogged one to ensure that the gunk doesn’t move there. Force the plunger up and down in a way that it creates a vacuum. Continue the process till the water starts draining out.

Pour Vinegar with Baking Soda

First of all, bail all the standing water in the bucket out of the sink. Then, pour one of baking soda down the drain. Use spatula to make sure that it reaches its destination. Then, pour a cup of vinegar over the soda. Give 5 minutes to the mixture to work. Run the tap to ensure if the drain is opened. You can repeat the process till it is finally done.

Use the Bent Wire Hanger

You can use a regular coat wire for this. Take a hanger and straighten it out. After that, bend one end in the shape of the hanger and insert it in the drain. Fish out all the dirty stuff out. You need to remember that the position should be outwards because you cannot let things move deeper I into the pipeline.

Try Dish Detergent

Dish detergent can act as an excellent lubricant that can help in the passing out of the entire gunk through the other end of the pipe. All you need is to pour a quarter cup of it in the drain with two cups of boiling water. The trick is bound to work.

Clean the Pipe

The most frequently used method of cleaning drains at your house is to open the pipe at the joints, wash them thoroughly and refit it. You just need a little knowledge of plumbing.

After your clogged drain is cleaned out, be sure not to be this careless with them again.

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