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To determine whether the drain system in your home is working fine, you will have to inspect the pipes for their smooth flow. It is also necessary that you keep an eye on the amount of debris or dirt that goes in to the drain pipes. The best way to handle this is by using a filter, which will stop all the unwanted obstacles from going through the system.

Obstacles that go in and block drainage systems could be hair, stones, dirt, or any other fragments that can easily go down the drainage pipes. The only way you will be able to prevent this is by getting them cleaned on a regular basis. And to do that, you will have to call in experts to handle the job. This is why most people rely on our expertise. We at Mesa Plumbing have been in this industry for many years now and we know exactly how drains are cleaned. Let’s give you a brief summary of the processes we use.

Cleaning with High Pressure Water Jetting

At Mesa Plumbing, we make use of the best methods that will restore all your old drain lines back to ones that operates well. We make use of the high pressure water jetting, which is an environmentally safe, efficient and economical way of keeping drainage lines clean. Flexible pumps and hoses are used to propel high pressure water down the pipes. Special kinds of nozzles are mounted on the ends and with these; the water moves out with pressure and pushes away any tough blockage. The nozzle has many small openings on its end, which help to push out water with great force. This method is preferred by most homeowners because it doesn’t make use of chemicals and thus eliminates the risk of contamination.

Some companies make use of the conventional cable methods, which are also effective when it comes to unblocking drains; however, this doesn’t get rid of the accumulation of soap, sludge and grease. The power of the high pressure jet coupled with our skilled professionals can help you a lot in avoiding further costs on maintenance and the possibility of future blockages will be reduced to a great extent.

Using this pressure method of cleaning drains helps to eliminate problems with grease, and it also helps to remove sand, and debris from the channels or pipes. Avoid the problems of seepage in your home walls and floors by handling the problem right away and cleaning the drains.

We also make use of special sewer cable machines, ideal for the removal of solid objects like tree roots, and other obstructions. However, you should know that this machine doesn’t help to eliminate grease. These machines only push down the dirt and don’t remove them out the way the pressure jet process does.

Apart from using such equipments and processes, we have many other ways of cleaning drains. Depending on the amount of blockage, we offer the best drain cleaning services. For professional services, feel free to contact us in any city including Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and San Tan.

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