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Copper re-piping means to entirely replace the existing cold and hot water pipes of a place – commercial building, apartment, condominium, house or a mobile home. Historically, the typical method of re-piping was removing the galvanized pipes and installing copper pipes. However, recent developments have made various options available. The typical process used in Tempe is to remove the existing pipes and replace them with superior copper fittings and pipes. Re-piping can be done on sewer, gas and water pipes.

In mobile homes, re-piping is often needed. The older models typically have polybutylene installed behind the walls and underneath the mobile home. Some models have polybutylene supply lines and plastic shut off valves. These often refuse to shut off or start leaking. This is why it is best to get copper re-piping for your mobile home. However, in many cases, the pipes of a mobile home are in good condition but have encountered a minor problem, which can be fixed without going through the whole process of re-piping.

So how would you know if your mobile home needs copper re-piping? Read on.

When To Opt for Copper Re-piping

Copper re-piping for your mobile home can be necessary you are going through the following problems:

  • Rusty or brown water
  • Bad smelling or bad tasting water
  • Low water pressure
  • Corrosion of pipes
  • Wet foundation
  • Leaking pipes

Plumber or Re-piping Specialist

Once you have realized that your mobile home needs copper re-piping, another crucial thing to decide is whether to hire a plumber or a re-piping specialist for the job. There are several plumbing companies in Tempe that offer re-piping services as well. It is best to determine which company offers the latest technology, great prices and excellent services.

It is a better idea to ask for a re-piping specialist as they have more experience in this area as compared to a plumber. A re-piping specialist will get the job done faster and in a more efficient manner then a plumber. Another reason of hiring a re-piping specialist is that they charge lower than a typical plumber. Furthermore, they are properly trained and qualified. They tend to do a neat and smooth job leaving no damage to the walls and floors of your mobile home.

Advantages of Copper Re-piping

There are several advantages of getting your mobile home re-piped. A few benefits are:

  • You get better tasting water
  • Good volume and flow of water
  • Water is clear and rust free
  • Plumbing cost and problems are decreased
  • You will be able to enjoy using a shower, washing dishes, using any other fixtures and faucets at the same time with good pressure

If you are putting off getting copper re-piping done to your mobile home merely because you think it will be expensive and will be a hassle then you are making a mistake. The cost of re-piping your home will be quite low then paying for the water damages you might experience when you neglect the problem. It is best to hire a specialist and get an inspection done. It is best to spend a few bucks and enjoying the benefits for a long time than neglecting the problem and making costly repairs.

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