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The need for cast iron pipe repair is something which can’t be avoided. One way or the other, you have to perform these repairs. You can either choose to have it done by a professional like Mesa Plumbing Company, when hiring them it doesn’t matter whether you are in Mesa or San Tan, or you could choose to do it yourself. In case you wish to perform the repairs yourself, you will need to make sure you know what you’re doing otherwise this simple task to perform becomes a big problem. The problem that you might encounter is the weight of the pipe which can make removing the damaged part quite difficult. However, you can make your life much easier my using a PVC pipe section to replace the damaged section when performing cast iron pipe repairs.

Listed below are a few steps which might come in handy in while performing cast iron pipe repairs:

1. Locate the Damaged Part First

Run your hand over the bottom part of the pipe. This is a sort of examination of the pipe to determine if it is still solid or not because the bottom part of the pipe is most prone to damage due to rust. Examine the entire pipe very carefully to differentiate the damaged section from the part which is fine. Remember to bring a pencil to mark the starting point and the ending point of the damage. Once you have marked the damaged part, measure it carefully.

2. Turn off the Water Supply

Make sure to turn off the water supply to the pipe and drain any remaining water from the pipe. Make sure that you get as much water out of the pipe as possible.

3. Cut off the Pipe

Take a reciprocating saw and attach a diamond tipped cutting blade to it. Use a combination to cut the pipe in two parts. While you cut the pipe, make sure that any water remaining doesn’t run back into the saw.

4. Remove the Pipe by Cutting its Other End

Look for the other pencil mark which indicated the end of damaged section and cut the pipe from that mark. Once the cutting is done remove the damaged portion of the pipe.

5. Cut out a Replacement of the same Measurement

This won’t be a difficult step to perform considering that you already have the measurement of the damaged pipe. Cut out a section of about the same measurement to replace the damaged portion. Next, join the two sections of the PVC pipe to the cast iron pipe by making use of couplings.

6. Fit in the PVC

Apply PVC cleaner to the joints and allow to dry. Next, join the two fittings together by applying joint glue, and twisting it slightly.

7. Connect Gasket

Place a no hub band gasket at the place where the cast iron pipe and the PVC pipe meet. Tighten it into place my using a ¼ nut driver.

8. Turn on the Water Supply and Test

Turn on the water supply and after allowing the water to run through for the pipe for a little while use your hand to check for any leaks at the areas where the two pipes meet. If there are any problems, re tighten the gaskets after switching the water supply off.

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