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As houses grow older, pipes see wear and tear and the soil shifts and adjusts beneath your feet, it’s only a matter of time until you are faced with a slab leak.

Slab leaks can be immensely problematic to deal with and are difficult to detect. When water lines running below your home get leaks, they seep into the foundations and cause slab leaks. Since pipes are bonded with the structure beneath the home they become a little more complicated to locate and correct as compared to an externally located pipe. Homes in Tempe are often faced with slab leaks that need to be addressed immediately.

In order to know whether you have a slab leak, you need to keep an eye out for the following signs:

There Is Water Seeping Through The Foundation

This is the most obvious sign of a slab leak but also means that the problem has considerably progressed. These leaks can lead to property damage and the accumulation of mould. Since considerable damage has been done, the cost of repair is much higher ad requires professional care immediately.

The Sound Of Running Water

If you can hear the sound of running water behind your walls even when no faucets are on in the building, chances are that the slab leak is causing the water to run within the foundation. This is an early indication for a slab leak which has not yet reached the surface. The detection of the source in these cases can be a little tricky.

Water Bills

If you feel that your water bills are much higher than they should be, then you probably have a slab leak. If there is a drastic spike in the amount of water that you’re paying for, make sure that it is not being accumulated in unwanted places.

Neighbors Slab Leaks

Ask your neighbors in Tempe if they’ve had a slab leak before. If they have then there might be a problem within the soil on which your building has been constructed. Shifts in the soil are the most common causes of slab leaks.

Leak History

If you’ve had leaks before, then you’ll be able to tell the signs in case you are faced with another one. If you live in a leak prone area, it may be a good idea to keep an eye out for any tell tale signs or even keep in touch with professionals for advice.

Check Your Water Meter

Turn off all faucets in the house and make sure that no water is being used and check the water meter. If it still registers water usage then chances are that water is being leaked into the foundation. Some meters may even have leak detection alerts. If they show any signs of leakage make sure to get professional help immediately.

Get Professional Help

Professionals can not only help fix slab leaks but also detect them. If you’ve been hearing running water and suspect a slab leak they will be able to locate the leak and fix it immediately.

The Mesa Plumbing company has experts that can help you with all your slab leak problems. Their experience and expertise allows them to locate leaks by looking at the surface, doing acoustic survey using state of the art equipment and isolating it.

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