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“Happiness is a working toilet” for those of you who hadn’t heard of this wise saying, well, there’s a first time for everything. At the most basic level, our sanity and the lowly toilet are an age old coupling. In other words, they go together like butter and mashed potatoes. After all, who doesn’t use the toilet? So when it suddenly stops working (shudder), the question arises, how do you get a commode that has hosted an untold number of residents, fixed?

Things that Usually Go Wrong, (But CAN be Repaired):

Clogged Shut-Off Valve:

If the tank is taking an eternity to re-fill, the valve might need a replacement and then there’s the second shut-off which is located inside the tank, which doesn’t stop running even after you have flushed. Mesa Plumbing Company provides its clients with experienced plumbing experts that are able to cure all won't-stop-running and slow-fill issues in your bathroom.

A Failing Flapper:

Jiggling the handle may be a short-term solution for water gurgling into the bowl, but only a professional technician can provide you with a more permanent answer to the seeping problem.

The Clogged Drain:

The most humbling, but equally repugnant problem occurs when the drain gets clogged. If you’re handy plunger fails you, a plumber is the only person who can snake your drain. Clogged drains are usually blamed on two things, which are, using too much toilet paper and a blissfully ignorant family.

The Phantom Flush:

If your toilet refills spontaneously as if somebody just used the flush, then you probably have what experts call a “phantom flush.” But not to worry, you won’t need an exorcist, what you will need is a plumbing professional who can fix the sporadic running.

Trailer/Mobile Home Park Service:

Now picture this; you are minding your own business while enjoying your full-time RV lifestyle, when one day you notice a puddle of water near the back of the toilet. Yes, that does happen, and let’s face it, RV full-timers have common challenges too. At that point, it can be anything, from a clogged water input line to a jammed water intake valve. When it comes to fixing toilets, after ignoring the matter, your second line of defense would be to do something about it yourself, but depending solely on your semi-plumbing abilities and your two left arms is not going to be a good idea.

Ending Note:

So, you’ve found the problem, now what? Before you start thumbing through a “guide-to-fixing-a-dripping-toilet” with your two left arms and ten thumbs, you should find the following music to your ears. In all of the above, showing your commode who’s boss is not the answer. Instead, why not call a professional, who has the equipment and professional technicians that can take care of all your nasty problems. Mesa Plumbing Company offers its services when it comes to fixing leaking toilets or toilets that don’t flush all-the-way. Needless to say, getting your toilet fixed pronto will prevent water from seeping through the floor and causing even further damage to your home. A quick professional fix will not only save you a lot of moolah, but will also help you save our most valuable resource…water.

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