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Mesa Plumbing Company keeps getting asked questions about backflow, foul odors and slow drainage issues. These issues (and a few more) are common because of a couple of reasons. This can be because of materials used to make plumbing systems such as softer metal or plastic. These materials are more affordable and lighter and can be easily built into homes.

Another very common reason for plumbing issues is poor ventilation. Most homeowners may be quite familiar with plumbing issues and how to fix them on their own, but very few know about their plumbing’s venting systems. In fact, most of the questions we are asked usually have something to do with venting problems or stoppage.

Common Mobile Home Plumbing Problems

1) - People Hearing Thumping

The only reason why homeowners may be hearing thumping may be because of water that is continuously running or when it drains. These sounds can be scary and most homeowners don’t even relate this problem to the plumbing in their walls.

Hearing thumping is a sure sign that your mobile home has an issue with its drain and supply lines – which is again is a ventilation issue. Unfortunately, these problems can get so complex and messy that they are best left for the professionals.

That being said, what you can do till an expert from Mesa Plumbing arrives your doorstep, is to strap the drain lines under your home more efficiently. This will save time for both – you and your plumber.

2) - Slow Drainage

If you have a bathroom sink, for example, that is draining slowly, then the most common reason could be a buildup of hair. You can confirm this by visually inspecting the drain plug and even the metal bar that is attached to it.

These plumbing issues can be resolved by simply snaking the drain lines. These drain snakes can bought in a large variety of shapes and sizes – and they all have one job – to push clogs through. Experts at Mesa Plumbing Company have found that hand snakes are a great tool for every homeowner. This is because small clogs happen quite often and a quick DIY fix will keep the plumbing issues at bay.

Larger drain clog problems, on the other hand will require the larger commercial snakes and probably even the expertise of a plumber. So if your DIY attempt didn’t work, you’ll know what to do.

3) - Backflows into Bathtubs Whenever the Toilet is Flushed

If these plumbing issues are a common occurrence in your mobile home, then this too is an issue caused by drain clogs. The backflows lead to your bathtub because these are the lowest points in your tub and water will always level out at the lowest point.

In order to fix this issue, Mesa Plumbing Company advises homeowners to get themselves a closet auger. These tools are quite similar to drain snake but are they are especially designed for toilets. They are essentially a rod and cable system that will drill clogs out into the sewer.

4) - Foul Odors

Foul odors are caused due to several reasons and identifying which of them is the perpetrator is quite difficult. One thing is for sure though – something in your plumbing system isn’t working the way it should.

a) - Bad Auto Vents

The most common reason for foul odors is bad auto vents. When auto vents have become older and aren’t closing themselves off properly, your bathroom will be filled with foul odors.

b) - Bad Wax Rings

If the wax ring under your toilets is leaking, it will be too late before you actually find out. This is because wax ring leakages are quite invisible to homeowners and such plumbing issues will cause the sewage water to build up under the home.

c) - Dry P-Trap

Another reason for foul odors is when partial clogs block vents. When this happens, water is trapped in the sink traps and can’t be sucked out into the sewer. As a result, the P-Trap becomes dry and lets the foul smell escape.

d) - Pipe Separation

Your mobile home may also have a drain pipe that has eroded and is being pulled apart. When this happens, these pipes begin to allow leakages which cumulate sewer water under the home.

All of these foul odor problems are too complex for homeowners to attend to. Even if they know what needs to be done, there will be too much of a mess to deal with without the proper gear. Don’t worry, the professionals at Mesa Plumbing Company are at your disposal.

5) - Leaks

Leaks are plumbing issues that aren’t just a nuisance for mobile homes. They can occur anywhere due to a wide range of factors. The real problem is identifying where the leak originated from. We promised to introduce you to the most common plumbing issues, so we’ll enlighten you with the 2 most common areas where leakages occur.

a) - Shower Heads

These are a common area for leakages in mobile homes and are detected quite late. Only when the water damage becomes quite visible, on the floor below or on the walls, will homeowners start looking for solutions.

Fixing this problem will require calling in professionals from Mesa Plumbing Company. The only thing homeowners can do here is to spit the problem before extensive damages occur.

b) - Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaks are common in mobile homes because they usually get detached from the main supply lines. The plastic between them loosens up over short periods of time because they get bumped under the sink quite a lot.

Call for an Inspection in Your Motor Home Right Away

Fresh and clean water is something you shouldn’t have to live without. Mesa Plumbing Company has a lot of experience in terms of plumbing issues and how to get rid of them.

Now that you know why these plumbing issues occur, you should only trust the best for repairs. Go ahead and visit our website for more information or call us at (480)-832-1660.

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