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Common Household Leaks That Are Impacting Your Water Bill

Water leakage exposes you to a number of issues from water damage and mold growth to wasted water and rising water bills. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to detect a water leak around the house as most pipes lie inside the walls and away from your eyes. Therefore, it is imperative that you develop an understanding of the signs and signals that will indicate that there might be a water leak somewhere in the house. Below are some of the common leaks that can cause an increase in your water bills.

Leaking Taps

A leaking tap situation can cause yearly wastage of up to 20,000 liters. That is the amount of water that you are paying for and not even consuming. There can be a number of reasons for leaking taps. Issues such as broken tap washers, fractured ceramic disc spindles, or mixer tap cartridges that require replacement can be the culprit behind your leaky tap.

Keep an eye out for leaking taps around the house and immediately call a professional if you find one so they can replace or fix it depending on the level of damage.

Broken Seals

The water connectors that are attached to the appliances all come with a seal that has been installed by the contractor. Over time, however, there are chances that they might break or wear off. As the appliance ages, you may come across signs of condensation on the appliance or puddles appearing nearby. This is one of the reasons for your inflated water bills.


Leaking Water Connection into House

A black poly pipe is what usually carries water into your house from your water meter. There are chances that, over time, the connection fittings will weaken and leak. If not that, it could also sustain punctures and damages from gardening activity.

For any reason, if there is a leak in the main water line, it will show up in a muddy, wet patch in your front yard. Do not ignore this as this could be costing you hundreds of dollars in extra water bills.

Water Filters

Water filters installed under the sinks can often develop leaking issues within any of their many connecting pipes. Often, it is a ring that is installed to control the water flow which is the culprit. Look for slow dripping water in this network of pipes to catch a leak.

Flex Hoses

Faulty flex hoses are the most common reasons why you might see an increase in your water bill. Your cold and hot water taps or the ones on the laundry container are usually the culprit. Flex hoses come in a range of qualities, but it is wise to regularly check even the best ones for any signs of leaks.  They ought to be replaced at the earliest signs of trouble.

Excess Water Pressure

We know that water gushing out of the showers and faucets at high pressures feels really nice, but too much of that high pressure coursing through the line does take a toll on the pipes—especially if it’s uneven. There’s a limit to what most pipes and faucets can sustain. If the pressure is any more than that limit, your pipes will sustain damage and develop leaks. Do call for professional help when you feel the water pressure may be uneven or too much for your pipes.

Intruding Tree Roots

At times, the leaks may originate outside of the house. Intruding tree roots are often a reason for a rise in your water bills. The tree roots go deep into the ground and many a times end up damaging the water lines running through it. You will notice patches of moisture in your yard. Therefore, look out for signs like constantly wet bits of land, sink holes in the garden, weed and trees growing around the house, or a sudden drop in water pressure. Call a professional plumber to look for any signs of intruding tree roots and seek their advice on the appropriate course of action.

Hot Water Units

Once your heating appliance runs its course, it is quite common for it to develop leaks for a number of reasons. At times, it is the valve connections that require tightening or replacement. At other times, it could be rusty tanks that cause leaks. The leaks from the water heater and similar fixtures can cost you immensely in overcharged bills. Therefore, be quick to call a professional when you realize that there are issues with it. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have your water heater and all similar fixtures inspected every 3 years to ensure that there aren’t any issues.

Rapid Temperature Changes

Sudden and intense temperature variations in the pipes also take a toll on them. Pipes are forced to rapidly expand and contract, ultimately causing the pipes to burst, this is a phenomenon often experienced in winters due to constant freezing of water in the pipeline.

The leaks across your house can cost you several hundred dollars over the years in inflated and overcharged water bills, as well as water damage to the property. It is best that you keep an eye out for any signs of leaks across you house’s plumbing system. Mentioned above are some of the most common household leaks that will help you in this regard. If you need help with any plumbing related issues around your house, acquire our dedicated plumbing services to take care of all your plumbing needs.

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