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Having a garbage disposal appliance is quite convenient mainly because it allows you to get rid of food waste from plates and dishes with a simple flip of a switch. But if you see that everything is swirling and not going anywhere, after having hit the switch on your garbage disposal, you have a problem. Luckily, the Mesa Plumbing Company is here to inform all our well-tanned clients that they no longer have to bang their toboggans on the telephone pole, when it comes to getting garbage disposal repair services.

Why You Need Experienced Repairing Services:

Let’s get one thing straight, you need experienced and professional repair services because using a broomstick will only help you in making an obscene mess of the kitchen area. So, why would anyone do that, when hiring an experienced plumbing technician from Mesa Plumbing who is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, will make sure that your garbage disposal works perfectly.

“When in Doubt, Leave it Out”

“When in doubt, leave it out” you may have come across this saying. What it means is that there are some foods that just aren’t meant to be sent through the disposal. Most clogs are usually the end result of how a certain food waste reacted with water after you flushed it down the sink. The reason being, that everything that goes through the disposal eventually lands up at the trap at the end of the line, which gets blocked with time. To minimize the likelihood of a costly repair, it is important to be mindful of what you should and shouldn’t be flushing down the disposal. Start off with these;

The Usual Suspects:

  • Small particles of rice can never be completely crushed, they also tend to swell when mixed with water, which can clog traps and pipes.
  • Egg shells and ground coffee are also often bound with pipe sludge that creates a thick clog and makes it more difficult for water to pass through.
  • Did you know that liquid fats turn to solids after they come in contact with cold water, and just like plaque clogs an artery, over time the drainage pipes get blocked.
  • Just like mashed potato, the peels of a potato turn starchy which can also easily clog the drain pipe.

Long story short, you should be using your garbage disposal more like as convenience, and less as a trash chute.

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